30A: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida (to read about this, scroll down).

Let’s start with the part you’re actually here for! Yes! I just took a quick trip to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. My childhood best friend just got married here a couple weeks ago, so naturally, I had to write a blog about it! Truth be told, we didn’t do too much “touristy” things, so this will be short and sweet… we were here for a wedding, we had other things to do!! I haven’t been to Florida in like 10 years (and I’ve never been to this part of Florida), so I truly forgot how white the sand is and how clear the water is. It’s beautiful. Pictured above was from a beach bonfire that we did the night before the wedding. I can honestly say that the weather was perfect, the sunset was gorgeous, great music, fun people, just an all around good time! The beach bonfire took place at Dune Allen/Fort Panic; reservations had to be made, therefore, a nice fire was ready to go for us with chairs surrounding it… so my vibe, just so much fun!! As I mentioned before, we were busy doing wedding festivities the majority of the time, so my recommendations are limited here. However, we went into the Town of Seaside for lunch and some shopping, we had a delicious lunch at the restaurant called “The Great Southern” and around the side of the building were some really yummy shake-like-drinks called the “Grasshopper”. Now the only other restaurant that we ate out at was called “Chiringo” with a beautiful ocean view, steps from the beach, and some good tacos. I believe we also went there the night before to go to the bar, have some fun, and celebrate the happy couple! At the bar downstairs, I had some other slushy drink that was really strong, but actually totally doable (this is coming from a girl who never drinks). If you ever find yourself coming to this part of Florida, we flew into the Destin/Fort Worth Airport, but there is also the Panama City Airport to fly into as well. We got a rental car, the groom rented an incredible house for all of us to stay in (pictured below), and I 10/10 recommend doing the same thing if you visit here. As always, thanks for reading!

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Sunset beach bonfire near Destin, Florida!

Life Update: Long time, no see! Truth? My life has been going a million miles per hour since the Spring time and I am just trying to catch my breath right now. This year has been huge for me!! Truly. So many special milestones have happened and among some not-so-pretty things, the blog just needed to go on the back burner for a little while. Internally, I’ve been crashing, externally, I’ve been going, going, going. Among the craziness of life, I now have a full time career, while also working nights/weekends on my family’s business Imminent Threat Inc., and truthfully, this blog fell into a cycle to where this felt more like homework than a passion to me.. so taking a 2 month break was very necessary.

Blog Plan: For the past couple months I’ve been plotting and thinking about what I can do to make this better. I will post blogs when I have the time to (not force myself into more of a schedule)… travel/tourism/leisure is about exploring/living/relaxing, not stressing myself out!! This means there could be 0, 1, 2 etc. blogs a week, but actively posting on the social media is the goal. We are fully in a world of social media and technology, so if I truly want to become a legit “Travel Writer” someday, I need to put a little more effort into it. Therefore, I will begin to actively post on social media about culture, excursions, food recommendations, ecotourism, sustainable tourism, share my travels live, and I might even attempt to do some “Instagram Reels”, in addition to sharing new blogs when I write them. I want Turismo de Catalina to not only be entertaining for whoever is watching, but for myself as well. I’m just a girl trying to start my career in the adult world, grow my family business, and grow this blog. So please, share/follow me on social media @catalinatourism on Instagram, then Turismo de Catalina on Facebook and Pinterest!

The house we stayed in! 3 story, pool, 4 private bedrooms, one loft with 4 queen size bunk beds… this picture is great, but truly doesn’t even do it justice!! This was a weekend where I should’ve been taking a million pictures and videos, but of course, I didn’t know where my phone was half the time. S/O to one of the other bridesmaids for capturing this picture of the house!!

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