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Welcome to Catalina Tourism! The much-needed travel blog for the realistic traveler. Using my education within the Tourism Industry and my own personal experiences, I am here to tell you what you need to know about your favorite destinations.

Latest from the Blog

  • I’m Back! + Quick Florida Trip
    Let’s start with the part you’re actually here for! Yes! I just took a quick trip to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. My childhood best friend just got married here a couple weeks ago, so naturally, I had to write a blog about it! Truth be told, we didn’t do too much “touristy” things, so thisContinue reading “I’m Back! + Quick Florida Trip”
  • Phoenix, Arizona
    Famously known as the Grand Canyon state, today’s blog is going to be covering the state capital of Phoenix, Arizona. As you may or may not know, my sister and I both went to Arizona State University, so Arizona is a state that I have grown to become fairly familiar with. At first I wasContinue reading “Phoenix, Arizona”
  • Santa Cruz, California
    Today’s blog is going to be on Santa Cruz, California. Growing up in Northern California, this was the spot where my friends and I would come for a “sunny” beach in NorCal. The coast in NorCal generally runs much colder and cloudier than those in SoCal (which is why I am making this whole point).Continue reading “Santa Cruz, California”

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