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Welcome to Catalina Tourism! The much-needed travel blog for the realistic traveler. Using my education within the Tourism Industry and my own personal experiences, I am here to tell you what you need to know about your favorite destinations.

Latest from the Blog

  • San Diego, California
    San Diego, California: a place that everybody seems to love and want to live. I went to college in Southern California for two and a half years plus had friends who went to colleges within San Diego, so I have spent a lot of time here and know this city fairly well. They have severalContinue reading “San Diego, California”
  • Six Flags: Discovery Kingdom
    I’m back with actually writing a blog post! It’s been a little while now, so I am here to deliver a little something. I have an plan of some really cool places (yes, outside of the U.S.) that I will be writing in the future, but it’s been a long time since I’ve written aboutContinue reading “Six Flags: Discovery Kingdom”
  • Hotel Marketing
    Like I promised yesterday, I am here to post THIS WEEK’s blog actually this week and be on time with my typical schedule. Starting next week, I hope to actually write a blog on a destination instead of including another college paper… but hopefully, these papers have been educating or insightful to those of youContinue reading “Hotel Marketing”

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