San Diego, California

San Diego, California: a place that everybody seems to love and want to live. I went to college in Southern California for two and a half years plus had friends who went to colleges within San Diego, so I have spent a lot of time here and know this city fairly well. They have severalContinue reading “San Diego, California”

Hotel Marketing

Like I promised yesterday, I am here to post THIS WEEK’s blog actually this week and be on time with my typical schedule. Starting next week, I hope to actually write a blog on a destination instead of including another college paper… but hopefully, these papers have been educating or insightful to those of youContinue reading “Hotel Marketing”

Tourism in Portugal

I know… I’m late. I forgot to post a blog last week! Life’s crazy right now, but good thing I’ve done MANY tourism assignments throughout my college career that I can implement within this blog. So here is LAST WEEK’s blog, it’s a paper where I researched and wrote about tourism in Portugal. For thoseContinue reading “Tourism in Portugal”

Mt. Lake Shasta

Better late than never right? I know, it’s the last few hours of the past week, but school got the best of me! On Monday, I started new classes and am now in my final few months of college at ASU… so surreal, but also nerve-racking because so far, I am not enjoy these newContinue reading “Mt. Lake Shasta”

Deeper Dive into: Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism

Alright, I’m switching it up this week. Originally, this week’s blog post was going to be on the Dominican Republic, until I realized it’s my finals week. Therefore, my time staring at my computer screen and doing research needs to be spent on my final projects, (unfortunately not the blog this week). Although, I doContinue reading “Deeper Dive into: Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism”

Tempe, Arizona

Considering I’m a student at Arizona State University, you had to see this blog post coming eventually. Tempe, Arizona is the home to the ASU Sundevils-where both my sister and I have attended college. This is most definitely a college town so if you’re looking for some fun, partying, and lively events-Tempe is the placeContinue reading “Tempe, Arizona”


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