Dip into Denver

If you couldn’t already tell by the title of this blog, I am going to be writing about a little “Dip into Denver”. I specifically chose this title for the blog because I could potentially be moving to Colorado, so if that is the case, there would be many more blogs on Denver in the potential future. In 2019, I had the pleasure of going to Denver and partook in a variety of different activities both within the city of Denver and outside of it. For those of you who have read my blogs before would know that I am not a big city person, however, I must say that Denver is a a very cool and CLEAN city which is rare to come across these days. This city offers a variety of cool and “trendy” restaurants, while also having so many outdoor activities just outside of the city. During this blog I am going to write about things to do in Denver and mention a few tasty restaurants that I’ve tried here.

What to do?

  • Explore the Rocky Mountains: Like I said, I did experience some activities outside of the city of Denver and this is one of them. My family and I of course, road razors in the Rocky Mountains. I’ve done many four-wheeling experiences and this one was extreme for sure… but I loved every minute of it. We drove this razor at 10,000 ft. elevation in the snow. If you are into extreme sports and can handle the freezing cold, I 100% recommend this.
  • Attend Events at the Empower Field at Mile High: In case you didn’t already know, this is the Denver Broncos NFL stadium. Being a Raiders fan, I sure as heck didn’t go here for a Broncos game, but I did come here for a Supercross. So with that being said, if you aren’t a Bronco fan like me, you can still attend other events like I did.
  • Larimer Square: This is somewhat of a “plaza” in Denver where you can enjoy history, charming buildings, shops, restaurants, boutiques, bars, and clubs… so basically, there is a little bit of everything here. A cute atmosphere with great foodie spots… it’s a must!
  • Denver Botanic Gardens: This is something that I personally haven’t done, but I have heard so many good things about it. If you’re looking for a beautiful place and a good walk, this is a good spot for you to try. Honestly, I think this would be a cool date spot.
  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre: I mean this is an incredibly unique and beautiful venue-that is just a must visit. Literally located in the red rocks, this is an outdoor venue that you can either come for a concert or even some film screenings.
  • Mount Evans Scenic Byway: If you are into sight-seeing drives like me, then this is something I highly recommend doing. Apparently, it’s the “tallest paved road” in the USA.
  • Coors Field: Yet another sporting event venue, that is a great place to spend a day with friends. Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, this is a fun place to go and just have fun.
  • Union Station: This is a historic location known for the Goldrush, which is used present-day as a public transportation spot. Ironically, you can catch entertainment and food here too.
  • Washington Park: Another beautiful outdoor spot to go biking, walking, rent a paddleboat, and participate in other outdoor activities.
  • Otra Vez Cantina: The only restaurant on this blog was important for me to mention. The atmosphere was fun and lively, the decorations is unique and so fitting to the restaurant, they play loud-fun-latin music, and the food is oh-so-good! Truth be told, I don’t remember any of the names of the other restaurants that I ate at (I know-terrible blogger move on my part, my bad… it’s been awhile). However, I promise you that-they were all delicious!
  • City Park: I feel like it is extremely important to mention some outdoor-beautiful places when writing a blog about a city.
  • Craft Beer Tour: For those of you who are big fans of beer, breweries, and enjoy some day-drinking this is definitely an activity for you.
  • Cheesman Park: Yes… another park, but this one is different. It is VERY haunted. Oohh if you are fascinated by ghosts and paranormal activity, this place is truly known for it’s hauntings. Why is it haunted? Because 320 acres of this park were originally used as a cemetery. Apparently, one half of the cemetery was used from criminals, while the other half was used to bury rich people. This park may be pretty, but it is definitely a little creepy as well.
  • Colorado Symphony: The architecture here is incredible and the experience that you can have here is just as amazing. There are 2,700 seats and they all feel close to the stage.
  • Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey: Yet another drinking activity for those of you who enjoy doing so. This could be a really fun activity to do with friends.
  • Visit Museums: Per usual, this city like most has many great museums to explore for people of all different interests.

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