Six Flags Magic Mountain

This is the only picture that I could find from my time at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Back with a very quick and short blog this week! Previously I had written about Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and mentioned that Magic Mountain is practically like the mother of Discovery Kingdom here in California. If you are an avid rollercoaster rider and love the thrill, Magic Mountain is a great place for you. Located in Southern California, Six Flags Magic Mountain is a place for fun and adrenaline junkies. I’ve mentioned before that Six Flags Haunted Horrors Nights is a must-attraction. If you’re into haunted houses, Halloween, and getting scared this is most definitely an attraction to try at Six Flags Magic Mountain as well. Thanks for reading!

  • Rollercoasters: Also known as “Thrill Rides”, Six Flags Magic Mountain has 18 wild rollercoasters for all of you thrill-seekers to have fun on. When I tell you that I love rollercoasters, I really mean it… I LOVE rollercoasters and was very impressed by all of the crazy wild rides that Magic Mountain has to offer. I truly cannot tell you which one was my favorite because like I said before, there are 18 to choose from!! SO FUN!!
  • Family Rides: As all amusement parks should be, Magic Mountain is family-friendly. Even though the wild rollercoasters are the main attraction here, there is still plenty of rides for families and children to enjoy. According to their website, Six Flags Magic Mountain has 11 “Family Rides” and 13 “Kids Rides”. This would be a great place for a family day!
  • Shows & Events: Like most amusement parks, Six Flags Magic Mountain has live shows that is great entertainment for the kiddos, families, and anyone just looking to chill or take a break from all of the wild rides. The shows and events can range from music performances, musicals, and character “Meet & Greets”.
  • Food & Shop: One thing that this amusement park definitely isn’t lacking in-is food options. There are various restaurants, fast food, and snack options that are surely to meet everyone’s interests. On the website, I counted 29 different food options! Not only are there plenty of restaurant and food options here, but there is a ton of shops and gift shops here as well. According to the website, there are 14 shops (not including photo shops).

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