Seattle, Washington

I bet you thought that I forgot about my weekly blog due to the holiday’s huh? Well, I didn’t, it’s just been a busy week as I’m sure you can imagine. Today’s blog is going to be a small glimpse into Seattle, Washington. Fun Fact: I lived in Washington for around 6 years when I was a little girl. However, today’s blog is going to be based off my recent trips to Seattle both this year and last year. I will try my best to dig into the memory I have of a 5 year old living in Washington, but I think my recent experiences will be much more effective for whoever is reading this.

From now on, my blog is going to consist of a specific order every month. For example: one blog will be about a city/state outside of California (such as this one), another week will be about a destination in another country outside of the United States, and then two blogs will be about places in California… and when I write about places in California, I will try to mix it up from NorCal to SoCal cities, amusement parks, music festivals, etc. I know when most people think of a travel blog, they imagine a world traveler writing about Dubai one week, then Thailand the next. Trust me, that’s the goal. That is what I’m working towards. We all have to start somewhere right? I’m a Tourism Management major in the middle of a global pandemic, I’m trying my best here. I have been to South America and China, which I know are the coolest and most unique places I’ve ever traveled to, but as the old saying goes “save the best for last”, that is why I haven’t written those blogs YET.

Hopefully, International travel will be more accessible to us in 2021, so I can add some more countries to my list of travels and write about those for this blog. But as of right now, I’m pulling from the knowledge that I already have and can give the best information on. I currently have 42 blog posts in mind regarding places that I have already been to. That will cover me for the next 10 and a half months… but I have travel plans to new places as well, so just keep all of this in mind. This is just the beginning of this blog and my travels. Well, enough babble, let’s get into this week’s blog on Seattle, Washington.

What to do:

Last year I went to Seattle before the global pandemic broke out… but this year I experienced a weekend in Seattle during this pandemic, and let me tell you, there are still fun things to do… more than there are in California so it’s a step up if you’re currently living under California standards like I am.

  • The Space Needle: I mean this is probably the most cliché yet iconic place in Seattle. Truth be told, I haven’t been in the Space Needle since I was a little girl and lived in Washington… but from what I remember, they have a good restaurant and giftshop up there to enjoy, and of course incredible views!! This is a stop that I think is a must-if you are visiting Seattle for the first time.
  • Pike Place Market: This is another staple spot in Seattle, that is a “must” stop during your visit to this city. Last year I was reminded of how cool this spot really is. There is much more to it than people throwing fish around, I can promise you that. Inside of the market, you will find so many cute little shops and businesses!
  • The Seattle Aquarium: Now this is something I remember from my childhood. I use to love going to this aquarium. My favorite animal as a young one was a dolphin (I’m well aware they’re mammals)… I was also convinced I was a mermaid too, okay? Leave me alone. This aquarium is a beautiful and educational place to visit during your trip to Seattle. I know animal activists are pulling their hair out right now, and I agree, animals in captivity is absolutely heartbreaking unless they are being rehabilitated for their natural wild habitats. I completely agree. I’m just saying if you’re looking for something to do, this is a cool stop (especially for families).
  • Wing’s Over Washington: Now this is something that I experienced last year during my trip to Seattle… and it was so cool! Look, I love being a tourist. It’s so fun. Playing the local-life is cool too, but I really do enjoy doing these touristy-type activities. If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, this is a little ride similar to “Soaring over California”. I was actually really impressed by how cool this ride it, but Washington really is such a beautiful state so it makes sense. I highly recommend trying this during your stop in Seattle… it’s located on the pier by all of the arcade games.
  • Take a Ferry to Whidbey Island: This is another memory I have from being a kid. From what I remember, this was a cute little island that has nice shops and restaurants to explore. I also really enjoyed the Ferry ride because the boat was huge and the food served on it was yummy! Fun Fact: for those of you that believe in “ghosts” I remember seeing one in a hotel on this island. If you don’t believe in ghosts, then I guess you can say I was a kid “just seeing things”. There are also many other little towns that you can take a ferry to like: Bainbridge Island, Blake Island, Bremerton, San Juan Islands, West Seattle, and even Victoria, British Columbia.
  • The Seattle Great Wheel: This is also located on the Pier and I think it’s a fun stop! I like this little location here because there are shops, arcade games, and restaurants surrounding it as well. Something that is cool about this ferris wheel is the fact that you get amazing views of both the city and the water.
  • Shop: Seattle has plenty of places for shopping so really, pick your place. You can shop downtown at like Pacific Place or Westlake Center.
  • Go for a walk: This is a city, so walking is preferred over driving. But something that I did during my stay is go on a walk around Green Lake. My aunt said it’s about a 3.5 mile walk, and it was really peaceful. The lake is quaint and all of the colors surrounding it are beautiful.
  • Dine: Truth be told, I didn’t eat out too much during either of my visits to Seattle and when I was little, my favorite restaurant here was Red Robin so I know that isn’t much help either. However, Anthony’s Pier 66 & Bell Street Diner and Retreat, are two yummy stops that I 10/10 recommend. At Anthony’s I had this to-die-for mac and cheese with chicken… something so simple, but so darn good. This is a great place if you’re looking for quality comfort food with a nice view because they are located along the water in Seattle. As for Retreat, I had a delicious grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup that really just hit the spot after our walk around Green Lake. To make thing’s better, this is a healthy stop for delicious food.
  • The Mark F5 Tower Hotel and The Emerald: Okay these two spots I had to feature, because my dad was the brains behind both of these massive buildings in the heart of Seattle. Yup, my dad helped ran the show in order to build these buildings and I am so dang proud, so you should check these buildings out. The Mark F5 Hotel is going to become the “Lotte Hotel” just a heads up. But with that being said, this would be a great place to stay during your visit to Seattle. It’s beautiful, brand new, and located in the center of everything. 2000/10 recommend this as your stay. As for The Emerald, it’s a luxury apartment building, but hey, if you’re looking for a bougie place to live in Seattle, with a great view and location, or if you enjoy looking at real estate, check out the Emerald in Seattle!
  • Chinatown: Now this is another spot that I haven’t been to since I was little, but Chinatown is always a cool stop no matter where you go.
  • Lake Union: At this lake you can catch a ride on a boat, go paddle-boarding, kayaking, and more! There are also so many other lakes in Washington to enjoy, so research them during your next trip to Seattle.
  • Lumen Field: Home to the Seattle Seahawks football team… you can catch sports games here or live events. My dad was even apart of building this stadium back in the day when I lived in Seattle. Although, I do have to say #raidernation.
  • T-Mobile Park: Now this park is home to the Seattle Mariners, so if you’re into baseball, this is your place to go. I fell asleep during a Mariners game when I was in first grade so I think that shows you my personal excitement when it comes to baseball. But, if you’re into sports, check it out.
  • Museums: Now this is something that I have mentioned before… museums really are a hit or miss for me. I’m very picky about what kind of museums I enjoy. However, if you’re am avid museum-goer, Seattle has many to offer! The Seattle Art Museum, The Museum of Flight, and the Museum of Pop Culture are just a few of many!

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