Intro to: Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism

When choosing to write my first blog on “Ecotourism” and “Sustainable Tourism” I realized, I have written so many papers and done several assignments in college on this subject matter… so I may as well just share a couple of those assignments on my blog. Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism are topics that I have become extremely passionate about after learning about it in college. If people enjoy travel, nature, or even fresh air, this is a subject that everybody should be educated on. Our planet needs our attention. Below, I’m going to attach a super simple PowerPoint presentation introducing “Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism”, and simple things that WE can do to contribute to it. This week’s blog is different, but this subject is so heavy, I want to cover it one step at a time. I also attached several links within my PowerPoint to other websites and ways that you can educate yourself on this topic. As always, thanks for reading!

Click the image below to view the PowerPoint:

Click on this image to view the Introduction PowerPoint to Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism.

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