Hotels & Resorts During Global Crisis

Here I am again, uploading LAST WEEK’s blog a week late! However, I promise that after this one I am getting back to regular schedule. I plan to post THIS WEEK’s blog tomorrow, so that it will actually be uploaded on time and I will be back to regular scheduling. Truth: school has been killing me lately and last week was Spring Break so this is why I am late YET AGAIN. For last week’s blog (this current blog you’re reading), I am uploading another paper that I have done for school where I had to pick a resort and write about how I would utilize it through the global pandemic. Keep in mind that I wrote this paper a year ago so times, facts, statistics are different now than what they were then. However, I hope you enjoy learning about the Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico just as much as I did… it is my DREAM location to have my wedding there (hence why I chose it for this assignment). As always, thanks for reading!

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