Intro to: Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism

When choosing to write my first blog on “Ecotourism” and “Sustainable Tourism” I realized, I have written so many papers and done several assignments in college on this subject matter… so I may as well just share a couple of those assignments on my blog. Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism are topics that I have becomeContinue reading “Intro to: Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism”

How to Travel During the Holiday’s

Traveling during the holiday’s is no joke. Prior to there being a worldwide global pandemic, holiday travel has always been a hectic and expensive time of year. I know some people may be thinking “you shouldn’t be traveling at all with the coronavirus” or “some states ordered no family gatherings during the holiday’s this year”.Continue reading “How to Travel During the Holiday’s”

South Lake Tahoe, California

Last week we traveled to one of my favorite places in Southern California, now this week we’re taking it up North to my favorite place in Northern California: Lake Tahoe! One thing I always said when I lived in SoCal was how much I missed Tahoe… it’s my other home away from home. Spoiler alert:Continue reading “South Lake Tahoe, California”