Santa Cruz, California

Today’s blog is going to be on Santa Cruz, California. Growing up in Northern California, this was the spot where my friends and I would come for a “sunny” beach in NorCal. The coast in NorCal generally runs much colder and cloudier than those in SoCal (which is why I am making this whole point). Don’t get me wrong, Santa Cruz can be cloudy and the water definitely isn’t warm here, but it’s the best we got for a warm ocean-beach in Northern California. Santa Cruz has it’s own type of charm that other little beach towns don’t have. It has colorful buildings, beautiful mountains, yummy food spots, and another place that really does have something for everybody. During this weeks blog, I am going to be writing about what to do in Santa Cruz!

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

What to do?

  • Beach Boardwalk: The classic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk had to be the first on this list of course. If you’re ever in Santa Cruz, especially during the summer, I feel like this is a must-see/do. Some people may not be into rollercoasters and boardwalk food… but if you are, then I definitely recommend. There are some fun little rides to enjoy here and honestly I think such a classic-great summer activity. Perfect place for a first-date.
  • Santa Cruz Warf: Like most-beach warfs, there are some little shops along the way and good restaurants. Another classic-must-see thing to do in Santa Cruz.
  • Downtown Santa Cruz: Like any downtown, you can shop, eat, and explore. There are a variety of different shops and restaurants to enjoy in downtown Santa Cruz.
  • Go to the Beach: Of course I had to put this on the list. I must say, I have never actually gone swimming in the water because I’ve heard about one-too many shark attacks happen within the Santa Cruz area. Not trying to steer you guys away from the water, I’m just saying that my biggest fear is getting attacked by a shark… so I personally steer clear of swimming in that water. However, I do still like to lounge on the beach and enjoy the sun!
  • Camping: I briefly mentioned earlier that Santa Cruz is also located in mountains and they are beautiful! Camping is an activity that I highly recommend doing here. You get the perfect balance of having the beach and the mountains.
  • West Cliff Drive: This is a 6-mile path that overlooks the ocean for people to enjoy a nice walk on or even bicycle along. Not only will you catch incredible ocean views here, but this is a popular surf spot for you surfers out there OR for those who like to watch surfing.
  • Roaring Camp Railroads: There is something so beautiful and magical about the Redwoods and lucky us, we can take an scenic train ride through them here at Santa Cruz!
  • Dolphin and Whale Watching Cruises: A big attraction in Santa Cruz is the being able to witness the whale watching and see dolphins. There are many boat cruises that you can experience in Santa Cruz, so if this spark’s your interest, check it out!
  • Explore State Parks: Within the Santa Cruz region, there are multiple State Parks and State Beaches to experience here. To name a few, there are Natural Bridges State Beach, Wilder Ranch State Park, Natural Bridges State Park, and Mission State Park.
  • Explore the local Eco-Life: For those of you interested in nature and animals, there are MANY different attractions for you to explore here. Here is a list for you guys to check out: Mystery Spot, U.C. Santa Cruz Arboretum and Botanic Garden, Seymour Marine Discovery Center, and the Monarch Butterfly Natural Preserve.

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