Hollywood, California

Two for two blog’s this week! I am finally caught up!! The second blog this week is on Hollywood, California. I figured if I was going to do two blogs literally back to back with one another, I may as well do one in NorCal and one in SoCal. So for this blog, we are diving into what to do in the infamous Hollywood, California. When I was little, I DREAMED of living in Hollywood and being a famous singer/actress. I literally envisioned Hollywood to be like the old Hollywood, glamour era when Marilyn Monroe was around. Let’s just say, Hollywood is definitely not that… at all. However, I think there is something so cool about a place that has so much history and literal “iconic” places and people there. Even if it isn’t the “glitz and glamour” that it once was, there is still a lot to see and enjoy during your visit in the ever-so-famous Hollywood, California.

What to do?

  • The Hollywood Sign: Pictured above, is the iconic Hollywood sign. My friend’s and I literally did a 7 mile hike up to the Hollywood sign (honestly, I hated the hike part of it)… however, the view is pretty incredible. I’m not a major hiking person, so it just wasn’t my cup of tea doing a long (not very pretty) hike under the hot sun. Hikes in the mountains with pretty trees, greenery, shade, rivers, etc. make a 7 mile hike a little more worth it to me. I’m really selling you on this hike, aren’t I? haha. Look, I am happy that I did it. Truly. If you are in Hollywood, seeing the Hollywood is an iconic must-see/do.
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame: Another infamous spot that is so touristy, but just something you gotta see when you are in Hollywood. Again, it’s not “glitz and glamour”, but it is pretty iconic to see all of the stars and think about all of the legends who have walked there.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood: I am going to do an entirely separate blog on Universal Studios, however, this is most definitely a MUST if you are visiting Hollywood/Los Angeles.
  • Hollywood Boulevard: This is where the Walk of Fame is located, Kodak Theatre, and where the Academy Awards are held. Hollywood Boulevard is the place to go for the crazy Hollywood nightlife and delicious restaurants.
  • Hollywood Tours: Yet another tourist activity that I had to put on this list… I mean this is a travel and tourism blog after all. There are so many tours that you can take, and here is a list of some: Dearly Departed Tours – Hollywood’s History & Haunts Walking Tour, Ultimate Hollywood Tours – Celebrity Home Tour, The Real Los Angeles Tours – The Real Hollywood Tour, Legends of Hollywood Tours, Red Line Tours – Hollywood Behind-the-Scenes Tour, TOURific Escapes – Hollywood Sites & Bites Food Tour, and many many more!
  • Hollywood Bowl: Now this is a legendary place to see a concert that has literally been around for well over 100 years. An outdoor arena and museum with so much history.
  • TCL Chinese Theater: You guessed it, another iconic place in Hollywood that has held the Academy Awards. Many legendary movies have been premiered here as well.
  • Capitol Records Building: This one really gets me excited. Like I said earlier, I dreamed of being a famous singer, so seeing the Capitol Records Building is always so surreal to me.
  • The Hollywood Museum: Another tourist classic and must if you are interested in the history of Hollywood. There is so much history to learn and it is cool place to see.
  • Museum of Illusions: If you’re looking for an Instagram moment or family-friendly activity, this is a good place to go.
  • Madame Tussauds: A very typical Hollywood attraction, the infamous wax museum of all of your favorite celebrities. This is one of many museums to check out in Hollywood!
  • Museum of Death: This may seem aggressive, but this museum is wild. If you are into true crime and all the crazy documentaries that we see these days, you would find this museum to be fascinating. As twisted and scary as this topic is, this museum is interesting spot.
  • Sunset Strip: You have had to hear about this spot in a billion songs by now. This place is great for restaurants, retail, and entertainment.
  • Dolby Theater: Yet another iconic venue that has also hosted the Academy Awards. In addition to the venue, there is also a ton of shopping and dining to do here too.

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