Las Vegas, Nevada

WE MADE IT!! Nope, I didn’t forget about my promise… last week’s blog is officially up this week! Per usual, I’m busy! On Monday I started a brand new, 7-4, M-F job; after getting back from South Carolina on Sunday. Keep in mind, two days before I left for South Carolina, I had just gotten home from Las Vegas. Which brings me back to this week’s blog on Las Vegas, Nevada! This was my 4th (or 5th?) trip to sin city and I officially feel like I know my way around this place. My friend’s and I came to Vegas honestly just for a girls trip! I have done many girls trips in my day, but not with this specific group of friends, so we have been plotting this trip for a long time. Vegas has officially opened up for all you party people and it is poppin’ as if life didn’t just shut down last year. Per usual, during this blog I’m just gonna talk about what to do in… VEGAS!

Drai’s Nightclub VIP Table & Bottle Service

What to do?

  • RAIDER GAME: Hello Raider Nation! Yup, born and raised a Raider’s fan. This had to be the first thing on my list. I cannot wait till I finally get to go to the new Allegiant stadium. Even if you aren’t a Raiders fan, you have to admit that this stadium is SICK and witnessing a game here would be epic. I’m actually surprised that this is the first football team to be in Vegas… talk about a lot of MONEY and entertainment in one spot.
  • Beach Clubs: This is by far one of my favorite things to do in Vegas. I just love to dance. They have live (famous) DJ’s that play all of the club music that just get the good vibes going. Sometimes the pool parties are foam parties or night parties… it’s just so fun and makes you feel so young. I remember being at my first beach club in Vegas and thinking “yes, I am LIVING in my 20’s”. If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, I’m not a big fan of alcohol/drinking, I’m also pretty sure that I am allergic to tequila, so when I “party” it’s not to “get drunk”… it’s to dance. I literally only had 1 glass of champagne all weekend this past trip. One. And we had free bottle service, so yeah, have I proved my point yet? There are so many pool or “beach” clubs here that you really can’t go wrong with. Encore Beach Club, Drai’s Beach Club, and Wet Republic are my favorites so far.
  • Nightclubs: Again, another thing that is a guilty pleasure of mine. Last weekend I actually had the revelation that I am totally a “club” girl. Bars can be fun, but the music is always a hit or miss, the dance floor is always a hit or miss, but in the club you KNOW the dance floor and the music are gonna be poppin’. Best nightclubs in Vegas? Oh this list is endless: XS Nightclub, Omnia, Drai’s, Hakkasan, Marquee, Tao, and EBC. Keep in mind that nothing in Vegas is cheap, so the nightclubs, beach clubs, shows, anything that I’m pretty much talking about here isn’t cheap. However, LADIES, I got a life hack for you to save you some money (at the end of this blog)… gentlemen, you’re out of luck. Sorry. Be prepared to spend money.
  • Shows: I mean your preference of show is totally up to you. Me? I wanna go to Cirque du Soleil. You? There are magic shows (I have been to a David Copperfield Show in Vegas and I got called out in the crowd… why does this always happen to me? I don’t know but the show was SO COOL), drag shows, magic mike type shows, and more! Research.
  • The Strip: Shop, dine, people watch. This is where you wanna do it. Let’s be real, the strip is kind of gross… but it is an iconic famous street that you have to visit during your trip. Walk in and out of casinos, shops, restaurants, drink on the street, watch street performers, do the typical Vegas thing. I must say it is way cooler at night because of all the lights.
  • Freemont Street: Another place to walk, eat, drink, shop, people watch. I feel like walking The Strip and Freemont Street are solid go-to plans to do during the day or night. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money at the nightclubs? Walk the Strip or Freemont Street and you can still have a good time. Most things are open 24/7, so the night is lively.
  • Fountains of Bellagio: This is just an iconic and beautiful thing to see. If you’ve seen any Hangover money or any movie in Vegas for that matter, than you have seen these fountains.
  • Stratosphere Tower: If you want the most incredible view of Vegas (besides from a helicopter), this is the place to go. Call me crazy, but there is a Stratosphere ride that literally takes you off the side of the building. Crazy, scary, but I’m down for it.
  • High Roller: A beautiful view and fun experience to do. This is the giant ferris wheel that we all see in the Vegas scenery. Drink, have fun, catch some great views with friends.
  • Forum Shops at Caesars Palace: If you are fancy and have some money to spend, this is one of many spots that are perfect for you in Vegas. All of the designer brands that you can imagine, fancy architecture, expensive things, this is your place. I just like to walk around, eat gelato, and look at all of the fancy architecture.
  • The LINQ Promenade: Yet another entertainment, shopping, dining area. Walk around, get some food, shop, and have fun. This is a place that kids can go, but I really do not understand why people bring their kids to Vegas. No judgement, but maybe try Disneyland next time? Don’t take your kids to Vegas people. We all know it’s an ADULT playground.
  • Desert Adventures: ATVing, Polaris Razors, and several tours are adventurous activities to do outside of the Vegas strip vicinity. Again, this is the desert so be selective on when you do go to Vegas and don’t do desert adventures when it’s 118 outside. Be safe.
  • Helicopter Ride: After researching online, I am shocked to see that there are deals for this that are way more affordable than what I would have expected. If you are looking to save money people, do your research. You could get a helicopter ride for a good price!
  • Gondola Boat Ride: Another random activity to do, but pretty cool at the same time. Sure, it’s not Italy, but it is a way to get “romantic” in sin city with your partner.
  • Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden: This is honestly so beautiful. The Bellagio hotel is unreal. One day I hope to stay here because it is just an architectural beauty. I highly recommend start walking through Caesars Palace, their shops, then into the Bellagio.
  • Mob Museum: Honestly, I just discovered this online and I am so mad that I have never been here. Granted, I know my friend’s wouldn’t have been down to go with me, but I find the mob very fascinating, so this is definitely a museum that I hope to visit one day.
  • Madame Tussauds Museum: Yes, the famous wax museum also exists in Vegas. This tends to be a tourist favorite, so if you’ve never been to one, maybe Vegas is your chance!
  • Hover Damn Bypass: For you people looking to get somewhat outdoors, there are activities to do for you. This being one of them!
  • Casinos: I do not gamble and I hate the smell of casinos. However, I must say that the fancy casinos like the Cosmopolitan, Caesars, Bellagio do not smell as bad as most casinos typically do. But for you gamblers, these casinos are never ending… they’re literally all connected like a maze. Kind of trippy, but nice if you’re trying to walk in AC all day.

Vegas Hack:

ATTENTION LADIES: Message Vegas promoters on Instagram. You will get free stuff. Whether that be a free entrance to a top nightclub, free alcohol, free table, discounted tickets, do it. Prior to Covid, there were guest lists that people could get their name on for free, but right now they are being more selective and you kind of have to buy a ticket or table in order to get in. But if you follow this hack, you will get things for free. Be prepared for promoters to ask for you and your friend’s pictures or Instagram’s… yes, it may seem shallow, but it’s free access to top clubs in Vegas. It is what it is. That is nightlife culture.

Again, sorry guys. If you’re showing up with 10 girls, you might get in for free or earn a discounted price… but don’t expect to have a free boys weekend in Vegas. Honestly, unless you’re rich, well-off, and/or famous (or connected to famous people), I do not understand why guys go to Vegas… it is way too expensive for y’all haha. Again, sorry it’s the club culture. Just like how girls get let into college parties, but guys don’t… same thing at iconic nightclubs. You gotta pay the prices fellas. This is how I see it: women still get paid less than men, we create life and give birth, we have that monthly gift from mother nature. We have earned free stuff Vegas. That’s the least we should get!

BE CAREFUL WITH WHO YOU CONTACT. There are frauds, scams, creeps, be mindful of the promoters you speak to. You don’t owe them anything, remember that. This is their job to recruit decent-looking girls to the clubs. Yes, it’s a nice favor, but don’t let them convince you that you have to do anything for them. You don’t. Also, a good promoter will show up for you. My friends and I just experienced a promoter who totally dropped the ball. Our last night was ruined because this specific promoter’s “connection” never came out to get us, and then he disappeared on us (embarrassed that he messed up and his lack of professionalism), so we never got into the club that we were supposed to. Again, message the promoters you see with a lot of followers and a lot of connections. Those are the ones you can count on. In fact, I have a promoter that I highly recommend. He was so cool, helpful, quick to respond, met us in person to make sure that we go into the club, HOOKED IT UPPPPPP at the club, and that is DK on IG: @lasvegaspromoter_dk

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