Malibu, California

Yes I’m a week late again, sorry… it was Memorial Day Weekend (thank you for your service), I was in Las Vegas, and have two days in between trips until I go to South Carolina for some of my best friend’s wedding festivities. With all of that being said, this is technically *last* week’s blog, but it is going to be the only blog I upload this week. Therefore during one of these upcoming weeks, I will be hitting you with a double-whammy of two blogs to make up for this week. They’ll be worth the wait! I do start a new job next week so let’s hope I can stick to that statement. Anyways, I know what you’re thinking: “Another blog on California?” Well judgey-Judie’s, not everyone in the world was born & raised in California like I was. So for #1, having lived in both NorCal and SoCal, my knowledge on this state is helpful to those touring California. #2, California is the most visited state for tourism in the United States. So if you haven’t understood by now why I write so much about California, I will further explain it a little bit more. We have everything. Mountains, beaches, lakes, cities, country, deserts, wineries, iconic National Parks, tourism locations ALL OVER, “Hollywood” with all the celebrities people idolize, art, culture, good food…. need I go on?? Oh yeah, the best weather. I love the South, but it is humid as heck there in the Summer, meanwhile, the Midwest is below freezing in the winter. California has the best/most manageable weather year-round. This is why it’s the top state for tourism and a huge part of why I write so many blogs about it. I will always write about California for alllll of those reasons that I listed above. Also, my next two blogs are NOT going to be in California, so you’re in luck. Now let’s get to this week’s blog. Malibu, California is a beautiful and boujee beach town located in Southern California. I’m not the biggest fan of Los Angeles, but Malibu really is quite worth the hype. It’s beautiful, clean, not crowded, the water is peaceful, and the sunsets are incredible here.

What to do?

  • Beach: This is the obvious, go-to activity to do in Malibu. There are so many different beaches to chose from in order to enjoy some fun in the sun. El Matador State Beach, Zuma Beach, Point Dume State Beach and Preserve, Leo Carillo State Park and Beach, Paradise Cove, Malibu Lagoon State Beach, Topanga Beach, Carbon Beach, Surfrider Beach, and more!
  • Surf & Paddleboard: Another obvious yet fun activity to partake in Malibu. I have seen beaches that have great waves for surfing, but also beaches with calm waters for paddle boarding, swimming, and just pure relaxation.
  • Malibu Wine Safari: If you haven’t already heard about this through Instagram, well I am happy to introduce this to you now. A few years ago like every Bachelor contestant or Instagram “Influencer” came here to enjoy a fun wine tasting experience. This tour takes you through a somewhat safari where you get to interact with animals.
  • The Getty Villa: This is a beautiful museum for all of you art buffs or people who just enjoy incredible architecture and beautiful gardens.
  • Malibu Pier: This is the classic spot that most people tend to hit when they visit Malibu… that’s the first thing I did! We enjoyed the beautiful pier, beach, and ate a good lunch.
  • Vintage VW Hippie Wine Tasting Tour: Another cool way to experience winetasting in Malibu is through this unique tour. Plus if you are all about an Instagram-worthy moment, this tour would be it! However, Malibu does have winetasting outside of this VW Bus tour and the Safari if you are just looking to chill and enjoy some good wine.
  • Adamson House: This place is actually a top-tourist destination to hit that people come to visit from all over the world. The interior is iconic and famous with their textiles, plus this house actually has a lot of interesting history to it as well.
  • Malibu Coastal Adventures: If you are looking to cruise out into the beautiful ocean water, this is the way to go. Various boat tours are offered tailored to your needs!
  • Helicopter Tour: This is pretty iconic and I think such an amazing way to experience Malibu and Southern California. I have actually never been in a helicopter before, but this is 100% on my bucket list and what a view this would be!
  • Malibu Divers: If you couldn’t already tell by the name, yes you can scuba dive in Malibu. This is something that I am terrified to do (because sharks), but for those of you who don’t live life in fear… check it out!
  • Mountain Biking: For those of you with high endurance or who just enjoy mountain biking in general, there are plenty of places for you to do this!
  • Hiking: Malibu has many cool places to hike and see the some incredible things. Here’s a list to just name some: Solstice Canyon, Malibu Creek State Park, Escondido Falls, Point Mugu State Park, and the Circle X Ranch.
  • Dine: Truth be told, I have not spent too much time in Malibu so I have not tried all of these restaurants that I am about to list for you. However, I did my research and these are the places that I read online to be frequently recommended. Try: Malibu Country Mart, Malibu Farm, Duke’s, Geoffrey’s, Neptune’s Net, Nobu, and Malibu Seafood!

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