Napa Valley Wine Country

As promised, this is the second blog of the week to make up for me missing last week’s blog! Napa Valley is famous for it’s beautiful wineries and winetasting. One major positive about growing up in Northern California is being driving distance from so many incredible places like Napa Valley. Besides the obvious of winetasting, there are a lot of fun things to do here for a relaxing weekend getaway.

  • BottleRock Music Festival: Truth be told, I have never been to BottleRock before but talk about a bucket list goal!! I was going to go last year, but we all know what happened… a global crisis rocked our world and ruined everything. Anyways, this is a 3 day music festival that consists of great music, tasty food, good drinks, arts, and just all around good vibes. Last years line up had the fricken Red Hot Chili Peppers on it!!!! Plus some of my favorite reggae and R&B artists. Something so special about this festival is the diversity they offer, which stands out from other music festivals that typically focus on one genre of music.
  • Wine Tours: This one is an obvious activity, but there truly are so many different wine tours that you can enjoy during your visit. To just name a few, they offer a Wine Trolly, Wine Train, Convertible Tours, Limousine Tours, and much.. MUCH more. Who doesn’t wanna enjoy a full day of beautiful wine tasting and riding around town in style (and safe)?
  • Safari West: Many of you may be familiar with the Safari wine tours in Los Angeles that is literally all over Instagram, but yeah, they offer something similar in Napa as well. This takes place literally on a 400-acre sanctuary where beautiful animals from Africa reside. One major positive to this tour is that it is family-friendly, so if you weren’t able to get a babysitter that weekend, you can still do fun things in Napa with your kiddos!
  • Hot Air Balloon: Another thing that I haven’t done, but truly seems like a magical experience to do over the beautiful Napa Valley Wine Country. Yup, you can drink wine from the sky and enjoy the incredible views up-high while you do so.
  • Breweries and Distilleries: There are drinking activities outside of wineries here in Napa which are also a super popular activity for people do while they visit. If this is an idea that sparks your fancy, research all of the breweries and distilleries that you can explore while you’re there! Just like wineries, there are so many to choose from.
  • Cooking Lessons: I think this activity is just so fitting for Napa. Food, wine, romance… kinda makes sense right? This could be a fun activity to do with a partner and/or friends!
  • Napa Valley Museum: For all of you art gurus, you’re in luck! Napa is filled with art and culture to explore during your visit here. I’m serious… I didn’t realize how many different art activities were offered here but there’s a lot! Such as the Napa Valley Museum.
  • Theaters & Art Galleries: As I just mentioned above, Napa has various art and culture festivities to enjoy. You can enjoy live shows at so many different theaters and/or explore SO MANY art galleries… seriously, so many. Look it up.
  • Bike Tours: Every time I hear about bike tours, I just can’t help but laugh at myself thinking how my clumsy-self could never partake in one of these… but for those of you who have self-control and can handle a good bike ride, you can do bike tours here!
  • Hike: Not only is Napa so beautiful, but it’s located so many great places to endure a good hike or a good walk, if you’re trying to get outside and catch some fresh air.
  • Shop: Downtown Napa has so many cute shops and boutiques to explore for those of you looking to find some unique nooks & crannies or cute clothes!!
  • Golf: Again, not my thing. But with this blog I try to make a list of things to do for everybody of all interests, it’s not all about me and what I do or don’t like haha. So attention all you golfers out there, Napa has some great golfing for you to enjoy!
  • Dine: I mean I wish I could do a whole category on food because I know there are so many great cuisines and restaurants here in Napa, but I truly need to explore more myself before I write opinions on things I haven’t tried yet! However, I do know that Ristorante Allegria and Norman Rose Tavern are fantastic!!

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