Riviera Maya, Mexico

Beautiful cenote in Mexico.

Yes I’m late again, but that just means that I’m doing two blogs this week to make up for missing one last week! For once, I just wanted nothing to do last week and it was nice. I got to celebrate graduating college and not having to do any homework assignments for once in the past 18 years. Anyways, this week’s blog is about the beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico. I know some hardcore world-travelers undermine Mexico because of all the other beautiful countries in the world and that Mexico is so close to us here in the United States. However, I think that this country is incredible. The people, music, culture, history, climate, scenery, activities… I could truly keep going. Riviera Maya has that turquoise warm water that we all dream about and all of the tourist excursions for you adventure enthusiasts.

What to do?

  • Xcaret: This is a beautiful getaway and eco-archeological destination. Xcaret place consists of cultural heritage, biodiversity, beach, lagoons, pools, jungle, and rivers. This has to be one of the top tourist stops in the Riviera Maya area, that is just a must to go to!
  • Visit Tulum: If you haven’t heard of Tulum, now you have. Tulum has blown up in recent years and people are starting to visit here as their main destination to stay in Mexico. It consists of incredible archaeological scenery with the Pre-Columbian Maya walled city. If you’re looking for a beautiful place to visit with incredible history, here’s the place to go.
  • Cenotes: I mean this is one of my favorite things about Mexico… visiting Cenotes. If you don’t know what a Cenote is, look it up because let me tell you, the water is beautiful, clean, and like a hidden watering hole to visit. So if you are visiting Riviera Maya or the surround areas, I highly suggest you look up and visit the nearest Cenotes to you!
  • Rio Secreto: This is an underground cave that has been somewhat flooded to where tourists get to swim through and explore these incredible caves. Such a cool experience!
  • Visit Cozumel: Another popular place where I feel like most people have at least heard of Cozumel. This is an incredibly beautiful island that tourists can come visit in the Caribbean Sea that people cruise along and often scuba dive here as well.
  • Isla Mujeres: Yet another island located in Mexico within the Caribbean Sea that has resorts to stay at, remains of Mayans temples to explore, snorkeling, and scuba diving.
  • Chichen Itza: This is another architectural and historical wonder that people get to visit and learn about the history that once existed here in Mexico.
  • Explore Mayan Ruins: If you can’t tell already by all of the various places that I have listed already, there are so many ruins and temples to explore within the area of Riviera Maya, Mexico. Especially those that belong to the Mayans.
  • Mayan Canals: Another amazing place to visit and further explore the history of the Mayans. People come here to swim or paddle through these canals.
  • ATV Tours: This was given for me to include. I. Love. Motorsports. Whether you’re into ATV’s, Can-Am Razors, Polaris Razors, and so on… they have it here in Riviera Maya. Research the internet to find the best prices or talk to the concierge at your hotel and resort
  • Ziplining: Another fun tourist activity to do on vacations is offered here in the Jungle and caves of Riviera Maya. One of my favorite things to do on vacation is go to a place that offers ziplining, ATV tours, cave swimming, and multiple activities so that you get to experience a variety of excursions in one stop!
  • Snorkel and Scuba dive: Not my cup of tea, but this is a popular activity for a reason. So yes, there are so many places and services that offer tourists the experience of snorkeling and scuba diving the beautiful ocean here in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Research to check it out!!
Look at those Jersey Shore sunglasses haha… circa 2011.

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