Savory South of Nashville

Ohh how I love Tennessee! This blog has been a long time coming because if you know me, I love this state and I typically visit there once or twice a year. However, I decided to do a special twist on this blog and write about good food in Tennessee. Eventually I’ll do a blog on Nashville, but as much as I have been there, I feel like I have so much more to discover in Music City. As I always say, save the best for last, so that’s what I’m doing with the Nashville blog. Plus I hope to live there one day, which will make that blog even better! Anyways, back to this week’s blog… my best friend lives in Tennessee so I every time I visit, we always go to some of my favorite restaurants and try new spots as well, so I got a lot of good stuff for this week’s blog. Ohhh boy I do have a lot of good restaurants and bars located in Nashville too, but I am specifically saving those goodies for the Nashville blog. This blog is solely on restaurants outside of Nash.

The Savory South of Nashville

  • Outlanders Southern Chicken: This had to be the first restaurant that I put on the list. Located in Nolensville, TN (South of Nashville). Outlanders is the only restaurant that I have gone to literally every single time I visit Tennessee. Plus it’s a small family business and that’s what we should all be supporting… especially right now! Since I’m from California, I love to try restaurants with some good Southern food while I’m visiting TN and that is definitely Outlanders. Every time I go, I get the three tender grilled chicken basket, which comes with fries and Texas toast (yum). The sauces that I have gotten here are the Island Mango, Honey Boom Boom, Cali-Gold, Smokin’ BBQ, and Honey Mustard. If you want to have your chicken tossed in the sauce, that’s an option too! Oh yeah! It’s the South, you must get sweet tea with your meal!! Restaurant and meal pictured below.
  • Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant: Another spot that I have visited frequently throughout my visits in Tennessee. There are so many good things to order from Puckett’s. Pictured below (the very bottom food picture I inserted) is the hot chicken meal. Look, all their food, the sides, the dessert… you really can’t go wrong with any of it! The ones that I have been to are located in Franklin and Murfreesboro, but there is located in Nashville too.
  • Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint: Okay this place kinda blew my mind. It’s a nice restaurant and a drive thru!! I’m not trying to bag on drive-thrus, but they typically aren’t nice/sit down type of restaurants… but this one is! BBQ food as a drive thru. I’m amazed. Only in the South right? Definitely can’t find anything like this California. Must try: mac and cheese.
  • Moe’s Original BBQ – Cool Springs: Every time I come to Tennessee, I tell my friend that I wanna get some barbecue. This is a great spot if you’re looking for some good Southern BBQ. Yes, we have this place in Tahoe, but it just hits different when you’re in the South.
  • The GOAT- Murfreesboro: Yet another place that I loved and was so cute. The food and drinks are great, and the atmosphere is so cool. I went here within the past year with Covid-19 and it was still very much-so a happening place. When we went, I got the buffalo chicken wrap (which was so good) and the tots are really good too! Shockingly, I got a drink too, it’s called the Elder Berry and it was also pretty dang good.
  • First Watch: This restaurant is a great spot for breakfast. The menu is giant, there really is something for everybody here. If you’re looking for healthy options, they got it. I got one of their power bowls and it was way tooo good. But I really gotta go back because there were so many other things that I wanted to try here! I went to the one located in Brentwood.
  • Amico’s New York Pizza: Who doesn’t love a good pizza place? Look, I have plenty of pizza places in California so this isn’t something I typically look for when I visit Tennessee, but it’s a good spot. If I were visiting Chicago or New York, pizza would be my go-to food to search for, just like how I look for Southern food and BBQ when I’m TN. Either way, it’s located in Nolensville and is a great spot if you’re looking to cover that pizza craving.
  • Cabo’s Mexican Restaurant: Again, Mexican food is not at all what I look for over here in TN. Honestly, I don’t look for Mexican food unless I’m visiting any of the other states that are bordering Mexico. I’m biased, I’m from California, our family owns a place in Mexico, my standards for Mexican food are high. Also, half the guys I’ve dated have been Mexican so I’ve had that good-authentic Mexican food. But with all that being said, take it from someone who knows good Mexican food… if you live in TN or are looking for Mexican food during your visit, this is a good spot to try. Located in Nolensville.
  • Mojo’s Tacos: Shockingly enough, I got another Mexican restaurant for you. This one is really different though, they have a fun twist to their food which makes their food good and unique! Plus it’s located in The Factory in Franklin which has a bunch of good little restaurants and dessert spots to try as well.
  • E+ROSE Wellness Café of Brentwood: Honestly, I recruited my best friend Lexi who lives in Tennessee for this spot. Since she is a local, I texted her “what are the best places in Tennessee that I should write about in my blog?” and this was one of the places she suggested! She also recommend their smoothie bowls, so go try them out!!
  • Wings To Go: I’m not really a wing person, so I didn’t personally try the food. However, my boyfriend, Lexi, and her people all got wings from here one day when we watched a Titans game on Sunday night football… they all loved it!
  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream: Also located in The Factory in Franklin, this is a great place for yummy ice cream. Another one of Lexi’s recommendations and when I was there, my nephew Mateo was bouncing off the walls for their ice cream!
  • Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard: Located in Nolensville, this is a great spot to meet that sweet craving that you may have. My first memory of this place was when my nephew was one and freaked out when he saw the sign because he loves some good ice cream!

Not gonna lie, this blog was way harder to write about than what I had originally anticipated. I didn’t realize how many places that I have eaten in Nashville until I was trying to write this blog. There are so many places that I wanted to mention, but I’m saving them for the Nashville blog, so you guys just gotta wait until then! But hopefully, you enjoyed all these spots that I listed South of Nashville. Thanks for reading!

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