Six Flags: Discovery Kingdom

Out of all the times I’ve been to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, this is the only picture that I could find that I’ve taken there. Apologies for the poor quality, this was on one of their Haunted ‘Horror’ Nights! 2014.

I’m back with actually writing a blog post! It’s been a little while now, so I am here to deliver a little something. I have an plan of some really cool places (yes, outside of the U.S.) that I will be writing in the future, but it’s been a long time since I’ve written about an amusement park so I figured I would stick this one in my blog next! Growing up in Northern California, this was one of the amusement parks I would frequently go to with both friends and family. I would say this Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is like the child to Six Flags Magic Mountain (which I will also be writing about someday). This is a great place for people of all ages to enjoy some fun rides and entertainment. One of my favorite thing about the Six Flags franchise is the Haunted Horror Nights (pictured above). I love Halloween, I love a good scare, and it’s just hilarious to watch people get scared if not yourself. If you were going to visit Six Flags at anytime, that’s when I would recommend doing so! Not only for the Haunted Horror Nights but for better weather as well. Plus I have some good news… the park is actually open!! Yes, you can actually go to an amusement park now. Of course safety precautions are being taken, but just like their website says “Exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk in any public location where people are present; we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during your visit.

  • Rollercoasters: The most important part of an amusement park are the rollercoasters… duh! My personal favorite is the Medusa or the Flash: Vertical Velocity. For those of you who are rollercoaster lovers like me, they offer 12 “thrill” rollercoasters for you to enjoy. Every time I think of Six Flags, I don’t know why but I think of a guy I use to date who was afraid of rollercoasters. I had to ride rollercoasters by myself or third wheel with another couple… never again. So for you thrill seekers, I see you, I hear you, and I’m down to ride the rollercoasters with you (safely and sanitarily of course).
  • Family Rides: For those of you who are coming here with family or little ones, there is PLENTY of things for you to do here at Six Flags. Something that I do like about this amusement park, is that if you come in a group with some little ones or just some people who don’t like rollercoasters, you can split up and enjoy other things yourself… AND it’s not too big so it’ll be easy to find your group again. This park offers 8 “family rides” and 20 “kids rides”. When I said they offer something for everybody, I meant it!
  • Shows & Events: As I mentioned earlier, every fall they offer Haunted Horror Nights where people get to enjoy the park at night time and get to enjoy Halloween festivities while doing so. Along with the animal shows that they do frequently (do not come for me animal activists), they often have parades and live performers as well.
  • Animal Attractions: Look, I am all for save the animals and I do not promote any sort of abuse here. I’m hoping that places like this or zoos rescue these animals and help rehabilitate them. I’m not an owner and I don’t work here so I can not tell you. All I can share is that they do have many beautiful animals here and have animal attractions for all of you to be educated. They have various animal shows, MANY different animal habitats, and offer encounters with animals. I’m telling you there are tigers, elephants, penguins, sea life, alligators, and more. Story: my grandma took me here when I was little and she wanted to see a bird show. Just my luck, I get picked out of the crowd to go on stage and talk to a bird in front of everyone. By doing this, I won a “free coupon” to either feed giraffes or some little birds. I chose giraffes but we were late to that, so I had to feed these those birds… when I tell you I had 20 birds crawling all over me, my hair, my arms in some little cage, I’m not kidding. I wish I was, but hey you bird lovers, that’s something you can do during your visit to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
  • Food & Shop: Like any amusement park, there is all the junk food that you desire. All the sweets, fast food, candy, treats, and all the things we don’t need yet you kinda do need at an amusement park. They also offer chain restaurants like Panda Express which is what I would get every single time. Throughout the entire park you can pretty much find food anywhere or they have a couple of food courts. There are plenty of different shops for you to get souvenirs or gifts for anybody of any age. Enjoy!

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