Impacts of Tourism: Chile

I do not own the writes to any of these pictures. I found them via Google, however, I included the links below.

Here I am again, throwing out a last minute blog because my current classes… are killing me!! School is taking up most of my screen time, therefore, I am here to deliver yet another paper that I have completed here at Arizona State University. For those of who you don’t know, my mom is from Chile and I have been there four times throughout my entire life. All of my mom’s side of the family still reside in Chile and Brazil. Therefore, when I saw that I had a final research paper to do on any destination in the world, I instantly knew that I wanted to further research and write about the beautiful country that is Chile. One day, I will write a travel blog based off of my experience (and my mom’s life knowledge) on all of the beautiful parts of Chile that I have visited… but for now, enjoy all of the research I did on this incredible country! As much as I love tourism, it greatly impacts our environment, therefore, I think this information is beneficial for all of us to know… thanks for reading!


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