Deeper Dive into: Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism

Alright, I’m switching it up this week. Originally, this week’s blog post was going to be on the Dominican Republic, until I realized it’s my finals week. Therefore, my time staring at my computer screen and doing research needs to be spent on my final projects, (unfortunately not the blog this week). Although, I do promise a weekly blog, so this week’s blog will be of another paper that I have done throughout my college career as a Tourism Management student. This paper was done as a “final” for one of my courses, therefore, I had spent a lot of time researching for this paper and has a lot of helpful information for those of you reading. In this blog you will find that I further explain ecotourism and sustainable tourism, how solar panels can greatly impact the travel and tourism industry, and how one specific hotel in Fiji is A DREAM and entirely sustainable. Thanks for reading!


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