Tempe, Arizona

Considering I’m a student at Arizona State University, you had to see this blog post coming eventually. Tempe, Arizona is the home to the ASU Sundevils-where both my sister and I have attended college. This is most definitely a college town so if you’re looking for some fun, partying, and lively events-Tempe is the place to visit. For me, I think there is something so charming and different about the desert. Yes, the summer heat is kind of unbearable, but there are still so many fun things to do here.

What to do?

  • Attend ASU Football Game: I had to put this as the first attraction on the list because ASU football games are so much fun… and the team is great!! I personally think that sporting events like these big football games are one of the best things about college. Tailgating before the game is fun to do with friends and even family. If you’re a student at ASU or are a friend of an ASU student, you an attend a football game in the student section (SO MUCH FUN). Obviously this blog, just like all of my other blogs are all based on pre-covid times, and hopefully post-covid times as well. So when the opportunity presents itself, I highly recommend attending an ASU football game.
  • Salt River Tubing: Located in Mesa, Arizona (just 7 miles away from Tempe) this was probably one of my favorite things to do in Arizona. You rent tubes and float down the Salt River. Pretty simple yet so fun. This is the perfect outdoor activity to do in Arizona since it is a water activity. However, I recommend going in the spring time while the water is higher and the heat isn’t overbearing.
  • Mill Avenue: Now this is where the party is happening for all of the crazy college kids. As I’ve said so many times, I am not a big partier but I like the Mill Avenue bars because they all play dancing music, and I just want to dance. After football games, this is the place to celebrate and have fun. A few of the best bars here on Mill Avenue are: CASA Tempe, El Hefe Tempe, and Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row Tempe.
  • Downtown Tempe: Like any “Downtown”, this is a great spot to shop local businesses, eat yummy food, have some special drinks, and view some contemporary art.
  • Tempe Town Lake: When creating this blog post, I wanted to include as many water activities that I could, because again, it’s the desert and can be really hot here. The way to survive the Arizona heat is through water, air conditioning, and sunscreen. This is a great spot located in Downtown Tempe to ride paddleboards, kayaks, sail, use paddle boats, fish and more. Many people come here for picnics or a nice jog as well.
  • Papago Park: Hiking is a big thing to do in Arizona, my sister loved doing all of these hikes in Arizona. Papago Park is an Urban Desert Preserve that is filled with hiking/biking trails and many picnic spots. Something that is cool about this hiking spot is that you will come across several lagoons throughout your hikes.
  • Four Peaks Brewing Company Brewery Tours: If you are over the age of 21, you can come here for beer tastings. I don’t like beer, but I know most people do so this could be a fun weekend activity to do with friends.
  • Tempe Marketplace: All places have their mall areas, and this happens to be Tempe’s. If you wanna go shopping and catch a nice meal, this is a great place to go.
  • Kiwanis Lake: Yet another place to enjoy water activities under the Arizona sun. Here you can rent paddleboats, kayaks, and more!
  • Narande Spa at The Marriott Buttes: If you want to enjoy a nice relaxation getaway in Tempe, this is a great place to enjoy a nice spa and relaxing massage.
  • Northshore Watersport Rentals: I think you get it by now… more water activities. Living in the desert doesn’t mean you have to stay locked inside. Go outdoors when it’s safe, you’re hydrated, have plenty of sunscreen on, and enjoy some water fun!
  • Singh Meadows: Now this is a place I’ve never been to, but have read about online. This is a great farmer’s market with all organic food, drinks, walking trails, and more.
  • Big Surf Waterpark: I love waterparks. There is just something about water and water slides that make summer so much fun and gives nostalgia from my childhood. This would be a great activity to do with children or even friends.
  • Tempe Center for the Arts: For all of your art gurus, this is the spot for you in Tempe. Something that I like is this art center aims to represent culture, diversity, and inclusivity. You can find music, art, dancing, theater, and more here.
  • Tempe E-bikes Tours: Look you could never catch me doing one of the tours because I am so dang clumsy, I would accidentally run anybody and everybody over trying to do one of these things while making a complete fool of myself. However, if you’re into guided tours or e-bikes this could be a good activity for you.
  • Tempe History Museums: I know many people see the word “history” and instantly think “snooze-fest”. However, I think history CAN be very fascinating and this is a great place to go if you are a history buff or looking for something different to do.
  • Attend other ASU Sporting Events: Just like the ASU football games, there are so many other sports that you can enjoy watching at ASU. I think this is a great activity to do because this school does so well in sports. Attend a basketball game, could be fun!
  • Dine: There are actually many good restaurants to enjoy in Tempe, even within the ASU campus. To name a few: Snooze, an A.M. Eatery, Salut Kitchen Bar, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Board & Brew – Tempe, Culinary Dropout, and many more.

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