Los Angeles, California

Oh the ever-so-famous Los Angeles, California. The “city of dreams” as they say. Look, I have a very unpopular opinion of LA: it’s not that great. However, I am not a city person and I prefer the mountains or the beach any day, so I have a bit of a biased opinion here. I like space, fresh air, cleanliness, nature, and no traffic. All things that Los Angeles is not. Although, I do have to say… there are endless things to do in Los Angeles. SO MANY things to do in LA, to the point that I will probably be doing more than one blog post on this city. There truly is something for everybody of all backgrounds and interests to enjoy in LA. When I lived in Southern California, my roommate and I would have “LA days” every now and then so I have spent a lot of time here and actually have valuable feedback to give to you guys. Obviously, right now we are in Covid-19 times so many things are shutdown (especially in California) and it is not the usual Los Angeles that I know. However, whenever life does go somewhat back to normal, you can use this blog as a guide during your trip to Los Angeles! (To keep the angry people from attacking me I feel like I have to clarify that.)

What to do?

  • Venice Beach: I mean this has to be one of the most iconic places in Los Angeles County. Venice is famous for the street art, performers, and the beach. I actually do like visiting Venice Beach because there is always so much going on and so much to look at. It definitely isn’t the cleanest beach, I don’t think most beaches in Los Angeles are very clean (which is one of many reasons why I prefer the OC), but there is a lot to do here at Venice Beach so I most definitely recommend coming here when visiting LA.
  • Santa Monica Pier: Another classic spot in Los Angeles is the Santa Monica Pier. There are fun rides and carnival games to play here. This honestly would be such an ideal first date (for me lol). You are right on the water, have fun activities to do and a lot to see. As most piers do, there are the typical unhealthy carnival-like foods that we all love, along with artists and performers (similar to Venice Beach). Another thing to do in Santa Monica is go to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. I know many people are into those and it’s a cute way to be outside and enjoy the “LA culture”.
  • Griffith Observatory: As I’ve mentioned many times, I am not a huge museum person. However, I do love the Griffith Observatory. The architecture is incredible and the views… just unreal. I’ll be completely honest, I’m not in there reading each caption to a sculpture, I walk around and look at all the pretty things around me. Right outside of the Observatory is Griffith Park. Again, iconic views and a beautiful scenery.
  • The Getty Center: Another incredibly beautiful museum. I really like the Getty Center because of how gorgeous the atmosphere is and again, the beautiful views it offers. If you are like me and enjoy a nice scenery or pretty views… I definitely recommend coming here! This is another iconic spot that you have to check out.
  • LACMA: This is one of those spots you see all over Instagram, that you almost just gotta see it for yourself. It’s another art spot that people come here just to take a picture of it or with it.
  • The Grove: I feel like everything I’m saying is “another iconic spot”, but it’s true. The Grove is famous for shopping and seeing celebrities. I actually enjoy going to the Grove because the atmosphere is fun and pretty, there is good shopping to do, yummy restaurants, and there is always some sort of entertainment going on as well. I know you guys are probably thinking, “I thought you said that you don’t like LA?”, which I’m still stand by that statement. I would never live here. But there are fun things to do, for a “day trip”. Visiting for a day trip now and then is as much as I can take with LA.
  • Staples Center: Home to the Los Angeles Lakers, this is where you can catch basketball games and live shows. The Staples Center is yet again, an incredibly iconic and famous place in LA. All of the big concerts are held here and celebrities are everywhere.
  • Runyon Canyon Park: For those of you looking for some nature in a city, this is a place you can go and take a hike. Being from Northern California, I have been on way more beautiful hikes, however, this is a very hilly place… making it a good workout.
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art: More museums? Yes, it is Los Angeles after all. I think I have only ever been to museums in Los Angeles and San Francisco. These are two cities known for art and culture, so this is one of many museums in LA.
  • The Broad: Yet another museum in Los Angeles that I recommend checking out. There are actually some cool art pieces here, but most of all, the starry room is the main attraction. I know that’s not the real name to it, but that’s what I’m gonna call it. The only thing I hate about the starry room is that they time you like 30 seconds then you have to get out… lame, but it is a must see during your visit.
  • Dodger Stadium: I’m not a baseball fan, but if you are, check it out. I’ve been here for an outdoor country concert and I actually loved this stadium. It’s up in a canyon and has a beautiful view… pretty cool for an outdoor stadium!
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall: I have actually never been here before but I would love to go. I love alllll things Disney. Yet another iconic place to stop!
  • La Brea Tar Pits and Museum: This is more than a museum, it’s a historic landmark. There is literally pits of tar that has been building up beneath earth’s surface for over tens of thousands of years. I’m no history buff, but that is pretty dang cool.
  • Echo Park Lake: I have actually never been here before, but I am actually kind of mad at myself that I haven’t. It looks absolutely beautiful and has been in so many movies. You can go here for picnics, rent paddle boats, or go for a jog. Must visit here!!
  • Venice Canals: Just a few blocks away from Venice Beach, are the Venice canals. This is a cute little spot for a date and getting away from the loud city noises.
  • Silver Lake Stairs: Pictured below, this is another popular place for an Instagram photo-op… yes, I got some cute pictures here, but I probably would never go again. It really is just a painted staircase, but for you IG lovers, it’s a good stop for you! Or even a good place to run and do stairs because it’s long and steep… big time workout.
  • Vineland Drive Ins: Even though I have never been to this drive in theater specifically, I do love me some drive in movies. This is definitely an activity we all can appreciate in our current times as well. Go to the drive ins! Enjoy the “good old days”.
  • Rodeo Drive: If you’re like me, you probably can’t afford to shop at Rodeo Drive, and you will get dirty looks from the bougie sales people. However, it’s a nice place to walk around and “see” just because it is so well known. But if you are a high-end shopper kind of person, then this is the perfect place for you…you might even run into your favorite celebrity!
  • Eats: Look, Los Angeles is a foodie’s paradise. All I can remember about eating in LA (it’s been a few years since I’ve been there), is that the food was ALWAYS good. So good that I think I will probably do a separate blog just on food and restaurants in Los Angeles.

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