Reno, Nevada

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Reno, Nevada is somewhere many people are think “eh” about… and I get it. My first memories of Reno are my sister’s basketball tournaments and staying in smelly casinos so obviously that’s not the best outlook on it. But believe it or not, there are some cool things to do Reno and let’s not forget it is near the beautiful Lake Tahoe. As I mentioned before, Reno is filled with casinos and a good nightlife, but there is much more to do. The location of Reno is actually pretty great because it’s right by Tahoe, Virginia City, and Carson City

What to do?

  • Lake Tahoe: I’ve already written about South Lake Tahoe before, so if you’re looking of things to do in South Lake, check that blog out! Anyways, Lake Tahoe is a large lake so there are still many hidden gems I haven’t covered yet. However, a positive about Lake Tahoe is the fact that it is a little drive from Reno. So if you ever find yourself in Reno, I 1000% recommend making your way to Tahoe. It’s too beautiful and fun to miss!
  • Reno’s Riverwalk: This spot is known for art and good food. So if you’re looking for some galleries to browse or yummy dishes to eat… check this spot out!
  • Mount Rose Ski Resort: Another trip to Tahoe? Shocker! It snows in Reno, but you gotta travel to Tahoe to catch the sweet slopes for you skiers and snowboarders out there.
  • Casinos: Look, I’m not a gambler, not a smoker, and I rarely drink alcohol… so this is not the spot for me. However, I know many people love all of those things, so Reno may be a great place for you to visit! They have all the crazy lights outside of the casinos and places you can gamble for hours. Gamblers… this may be a good place for you!
  • Museums: If you’ve read my previous blogs, you would know my personal stance on museums… it’s a hit or miss for me. But surprisingly, Reno offers a few museums for people to enjoy. Who knew they offered so much art? I didn’t. They have the Nevada Museum of Art, National Automobile Museum, and the Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum. So for you museum goers… Reno, Nevada has some for you!
  • Animal Ark: This is something that I had never heard of, but actually seems pretty cool. No, it’s not a zoo. The Animal Ark is located on 38 acres and is 25 miles away from Reno itself, and it’s essentially a place for (and I quote) “safe haven for nonreleasable wildlife,” by the Ark’s website. For you animal lovers or families, this may be a place for you to visit during your stay in Reno, Nevada.
  • Greater Nevada Field: Who likes baseball? Not meee, but for those of you who do there is a filed for you. This field is home to a minor league baseball team. Check it out!
  • Great Reno Balloon Race: I’ve never heard of this until I did some research, but my goodness does it look fun! Located in the Riverwalk and Trukee river, you can watch this air balloon race take off.
  • Check Out Street Art: Something that I found really cool about Reno is the fact that they have a lot of street art. I think it’s cool to see people be creative and make art on the streets, as long as it’s isn’t vandalism!
  • Reno Arch Rock Climbing: Did you know you could rock climb by the Reno Arch? Well, you do now! Something somewhat “outdoorsy” or at least active to do in this city. Kinda scary, but kinda cool. Check it out!
  • Brewery Hop: Reno is popular for their beer and breweries, so if you are of drinking age and enjoy beer, this could be something fun to do outside of the casinos!
  • Thrift Shops: I love the idea of thrift shopping my patience and attention span can never handle it. However, you can find so many cool, vintage, and inexpensive things at thrift shops so this is definitely something I wish I did more of and maybe the next time I’m in Reno I’ll give it a shot? If you have the patience and love to go thrifting, you’re in luck because Reno, Nevada has thrift shops to offer you!

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