Whistler, Canada

Truth be told, I have been to Whistler, Canada… but I was around 5 years old. However, you’re in luck because I have a great memory and fully remember this trip (with the help of some details from my mom). Partially why I remember this trip so well is because this is where I learned how to snow-ski, so I have some funny and helpful stories to share with you that will hopefully be beneficial for your trip to Whistler. Look, I could go into activities to do year-round in Whistler (based off my research there is A LOT to do here), but I am going to stay true and authentic to my trip which was during the winter. During this blog, I am going to recommend where to stay, where to ski/snowboard, and other activities you can do during your stay in Whistler, Canada! I’m going to do the additional research, so that you don’t have to. As always, thanks for reading!

Where to Stay and What to Do:

  • Snowboard and/or Snow Ski: This was the most obvious activity I had to share with you. Whistler, Canada is absolutely beautiful. The mountains are breathtaking and the snow is great for those of you who love to get out and enjoy the snow. As I mentioned before, I learned how to snow-ski here in Whistler. Though, it was embarrassing and nothing but a hot mess for me, my parents who are excellent skiers had a great time. I know I was just a kid so I shouldn’t be embarrassed, but let me paint a picture for you: imagine a little girl in a purple-puffy-snowsuit that could barley waddle around or move her arms with pink googles and a red helmet knocking over other kids, running into the ski instructors, falling into the splits and slamming into the foam triangles she was supposed to ski around. Yup, that little girl was me. I could really embarrass myself and share a picture for you all to enjoy, but let me think about that for a moment. Anyways, we went skiing at the Blackcomb Ski Resort. If you google this resort, you will see how beautiful it is so I 10/10 recommend skiing/snowboarding here when you visit Whistler, Canada. From experience, I can honestly tell you that the ski instructors had great patience and were both extremely kind and helpful with the hot-mess express Catalina coming through for lessons. So if you have kids or are a beginner skier or snowboarder, you will be in good hands taking lessons at the Blackcomb Ski Resort.
  • Westin Resort & Spa: This is the resort my family and I stayed at during our visit to Whistler, Canada. A few things that I like so much about this resort (other than the obvious beauty) is how close it is to everything and that they have things to do other than skiing and snowboarding. The Westin Resort & Spa obviously has an incredible spa for those of you looking for some relaxation. This resort also offers a nice gym, yoga studios, beauty/esthetics, shopping, and restaurants. If you have kids, this is a great resort to stay at because they have a kids club. I love to travel so I will definitely be searching for resorts that offer these services when I have kids some day. They offer many other indoor and outdoor activities as well, but I will just save those for other bullet points.
  • Winter Ziplining: This looks so darn cool. Ziplining through the beautiful mountains with breathtaking views? Sign me up!! I have been ziplining several times throughout my life but never in the snow. I’m definitely adding this to my bucket list of things to do while traveling, and you should too!
  • Tube Park/Sledding: Who doesn’t love sledding or tubing down a hill? There are many places that you could participate in this activity, although the Tube Park is a popular attraction. Now that I’m older, I snowboard instead of snow-ski. However, every single time I’ve gone snow-skiing or snowboarding (ever since I was a little girl), the amount of nerves and anxiousness I get before going is out of hand. Even though I can do it and always have fun once I do go out, the anticipation kills me. Soo with all that being said, sledding and/or tubing is a good break that doesn’t stress me out… if you’re like me, then definitely check out the Tube Park!
  • Snowmobile Tours: This is something I’m dying to do and may honestly try to cross it off my bucket list this winter. Whistler, Canada has many Snowmobile Tours for you to try out yourself. If you go, let me know how it was!!
  • Snowcat Tours: Another fun winter activity that doesn’t involve skis or snowboards. If you’re with a family, this could be a really fun activity to try.
  • Peak 2 Peak Gondola: If you love hanging out and staring at a beautiful view, I highly recommend taking this gondola ride. The views you’ll get are absolutely unreal.
  • Snowshoeing: Another activity I’ve never done before, but seems very popular to do in Whistler during the winter. If you’re the adventurous type, this may be right up your alley… snowshoeing in Whistler, Canada sounds pretty cool to me.
  • Cross-country Skiing: Well I don’t ski anymore so this is obviously an activity, you will not catch me doing, but for those of you who are cross-country skiers… doooo it!
  • Bungee Jumping: For those thrillseekers out there, you can bungee jump in the beautiful mountains here in Whistler, Canada.
  • Axe-Throwing: If you’ve ever been axe-throwing before, you would know that this is a fun and competitive things to do with friends… not kids though.
  • Whistler Craft Crawl: For those bar crawlers and beer drinkers, you should certainly give the Whistler Craft Crawl a shot. 😉
  • Whistler Tasting Tours: Another adult drinking activity that is a good social activity to do with your other adult friends.
  • Spas: As I mentioned before, the resort I stayed at has a great spa facilities, but you can also find other spas in Canada as well.
  • Eagle Viewing: This would be so cool to do. Last summer, I saw a bald eagle up close for the first time in my life and I was actually shocked. I was at the lake with my dog and it literally flew maybe 20 feet above me… crazy right? Especially since they are rare to find where I live. Anyways, in Whistler you would be more likely to see these majestic creatures so if you’re into that, this would be a great activity for you.
  • Dog Sledding: This is something that I have mixed emotions about. Partially because I LOVE dogs and would feel so bad having them drag me around, yet I remember that they are trained animals who have been doing this for years… and it looks pretty fun and cool to do. This is definitely a unique activity that you can’t find everywhere!
  • Ice Fishing: If you’re into fishing and trying something different, you should most definitely try this activity on your trip to Canada.
  • Ice Climbing: Again for those adventurous thrillseeker type of people… you can ice climb in Whistler, Canada. I’ve obviously never done this before, and I probably never will, so just be safe and have fun.
  • Ice Skating: It’s no secret that I do not love ice skating, but I know many people do. So if you’re looking for an activity to do for all ages, you can ice skate here as well!

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