Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm

Happy Fall! I’m well aware that the first day of fall was September 22nd, but I figured while we are still in the fall season, I should write a blog about a fall festivity that many of us do: pumpkin patches. Specifically, Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland, California. This pumpkin patch is located in Northern California, but has become very popular over the years. However, something that I enjoy about this specific pumpkin patch was that there were a lot of things to do for families and adults. Their 2020 season was open from September 12th through November 9th. Yes I know, it’s the 23rd now so the pumpkin patch is closed but this is something you have plenty of time for next year. 😉

Things to do:

  • Bonfire Pits: I listed this as the first activity because I thought this was such a cute and unique idea to have at a pumpkin patch. You can rent a bonfire spot, right by the actual pumpkin patch and hang out with your friends. Bring some wine, eat some yummy food, and enjoy the fall atmosphere.
  • Corn Maze: I enjoy a good corn maze because it’s an actual activity to do at a pumpkin patch other than just stare at some pumpkins and take pictures. These always give me an eerie vibe because I’ve watched too many scary movies where stuff always goes down in corn mazes. However, that’s partially why I like it because not only is this in the spirit of the fall season, but spooky season too and I love me some Halloween.
  • Zipline: Yeah, they have a zipline and no, I didn’t do it because I had no idea they had one while I was there. But according to their website, it’s a 200 ft wire that gives you a view of the entire pumpkin patch. That’s pretty cool if I say so myself.
  • Eat: This pumpkin patch is family-owned so you already gotta know they have good food. My friend and I got cinnamon rolls from Mrs. B’s Bakery and let me tell you, it was massive and delicious. They dough is fluffy, the cinnamon coating is so flavorful, and the cream is just so dang good. I 10/10 recommend getting a cinnamon roll if you go here. However there are many other food options for you: Pigadeli Square, Coyote Bend, Barnyard BBQ, Babe’s Cookieactory, Cider Mill, Fanny Annie’s, and a Popcorn Cart.
  • Shop: They have the cutest little store that sells home decor for fall, Halloween, Christmas, etc. This place is called The Farmhouse Mercantile. I bought a cute wine glass for one of my friend’s who loves wine and was tempted to buy so much more.
  • Pick Pumpkins (duh): I mean this is the obvious thing that people go to pumpkin patches for, to pick pumpkins. We didn’t. We were those basic b’s who took pictures with pumpkins, but didn’t buy any. Look, as much as I love the idea of pumpkin carving, every time I do it, I realize the mess, how gross the insides are, and I break every “pumpkin carving knife” every time. One day I’ll be that mom who goes to pumpkin patches with her kids to carve/paint pumpkins and cook the pumpkin seeds, but today is not that day for me. But if you’re looking for a pumpkin, they have plenty to offer.
  • Kid Activities: Obviously I didn’t do any of these, but if you’re a family looking for fun, they have these activities: a mini train ride, Charlie’s Carousel, Coyote Mountain Mine, Weeland Petting Zoo, and shows.

I hope you enjoyed my little review on this pumpkin patch! I’ve been to many pumpkin patches throughout my life, and this one has been the best by far. Oh, it’s also free! I suggest going on a week day because I heard the weekend is a nightmare. Another plus, it was open late so there is plenty of time to visit after work! Well thanks for reading this week’s blog! Happy Fall y’all and Happy Thanksgiving! – Catalina

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