How to Travel During the Holiday’s

Traveling during the holiday’s is no joke. Prior to there being a worldwide global pandemic, holiday travel has always been a hectic and expensive time of year. I know some people may be thinking “you shouldn’t be traveling at all with the coronavirus” or “some states ordered no family gatherings during the holiday’s this year”. Well, people are still going to travel regardless of your opinions (myself included), so there are right ways and safe ways to do it. If we have learned anything from 2020, life is unpredictable. There is nothing wrong with people wanting to spend time with family/friends or want an escape from the craziness of reality (as long as it’s done safely, responsibly, respectfully). That’s what I’m here to right about. If you want to learn about my safety recommendations about traveling during this crazy time, click this link to check it out: How to Travel During Covid-19.

Travel by Plane (also Trains/Busses):

  • Be Healthy: This one should be a no-brainer but I feel like many people still need to hear it. If you are sick, even if you don’t have Covid-19, don’t travel. Don’t be selfish. Stay home. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in general, but especially now more than ever. If you’re going to be traveling or seeing family/friends during the holiday’s, make sure you’re healthy. Boost your immune system. Take your temperature. Stop rubbing your eyes/nose/mouths and then touching surfaces. Wash your hands, clothes, body. Just stay clean and healthy. Do this before, during, and after your travels or family gatherings this holiday season.
  • Pack Effectively: The way I see it, pack everything you need to avoid expensive airport prices and the crazy crowds that exist during the holiday’s. I’m not just talking about your clothes or shoes, I’m talking: hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, immune system boosters, medicine, and masks. Check out my blog: How to Travel During Covid-19.
  • Travel Safely: If you are flying with an airline who packs the airplane full, use the disinfecting wipes the flight attendants hand you, wipe down your seat, headrest, seatbelt, the seat in front of you, and your little food tray. Also, keep your mask on and mind your pea’s and q’s. Take my recommendations from my other blog into consideration: How to Travel During Covid-19. Be prepared. I mentioned in that blog that airplanes and airports are probably the cleanest that they have ever been because of the severity of a global pandemic. But keep in mind, just because airports and airplanes may be cleaner than usual, doesn’t mean that the people traveling in them are clean. This is why you gotta make sure you’re as clean/healthy as possible.
  • Social Distance: I know this one sounds silly because airports are always packed (especially during the holiday’s). In previous years, Thanksgiving has been the most traveled time of year. I have flown with a couple different airlines since the coronavirus broke out, and I can honestly say I was alarmed by a couple airlines. Southwest leaves the middle seat open between you and other passengers which I think is great. However, United and American Airlines pack every seat in the airplane which makes no sense considering “social distancing” is taken seriously at literally any other public business like grocery stores, restaurants, etc. You would think that airplanes that carry thousands of strangers from everywhere would practice social distancing the best they can (like leaving the middle seats open)… but that’s just my opinion.
  • Avoid Touching Public Surfaces: The airports are going to be crowded. I would avoid sitting at tables, chairs, leaning against the walls, and even avoid the bathrooms if you can. I understand there is an exception for people who have long layovers, you don’t want to stand all the time or if you really gotta go to the bathroom, you gotta go. So I recommend if that’s the case, do not touch your face!! Use your wipes to wipe down any surface you are touching. Wash your hands thoroughly AND still use your hand sanitizer. Just think about all of the people, coming in and out of the airports daily, touching the same surfaces as you. That should gross you out enough to not want to touch anything, throw a virus into the mix… yeah, steer clear.

Travel by Car:

Honestly, the same rules apply when you’re going to be traveling by car this holiday season. You have slightly more freedom by traveling in your own automobile, so I will elaborate on that only. But whether you’re traveling by plane, car, train, bus, or any form of public transportation, all of the same recommendations remain the same here.

  • Pack Effectively: The same tips I gave above, apply here too. But since you will be in your car, you’re able to pack more then you could if you were on an airplane or using public transportation. I also recommend to pack any food or snacks that you desire to avoid any pit stops on the way to your destination. If you’re doing a long car ride, most likely you’ll have to stop for gas so make sure you have masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes in your car!
  • Avoid Touching Public Surfaces: Just like the previous bullet point, if you pack effectively, there should be no reason for any public pit stops unless you need gas or have to use the restroom. So pack effectively to avoid public places!
  • Time Your Trip Well: The main downfall to traveling during the holiday’s is traffic. No one wants to get up super early to avoid the crowds, but you might have to. You make your choice. Would you rather get up super early to avoid traffic or would you rather leave later and sit through traffic? Up to you! I learned the tough way, when a 7 hour drive turned into a 11 hour drive because of traffic the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2016. I was driving back to college with my friends, and that was the worst. If we knew that we were going to sit through 4 additional hours of traffic, we would’ve left at like 4:00am to dodge that. It was madness.
  • Be Healthy
  • Travel Safely
  • Social Distance

Happy Holiday’s! Be safe, sanitary, and cautious if you are going to be traveling or seeing family/friends! – Catalina

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