Sacramento, California

Old Town Sacramento

Many people think the worst of Sacramento as if it’s just ugly fields with nothing to do. This can be true when considering certain areas within the general Sacramento area, however, Downtown and Midtown, Sacramento are a good time. I spent most of my life in the greater Sacramento area, but since I was young I never got to fully experience the fun within this city. Now that I’m in my twenty’s, I’ve been able to endure the night life and activities that California’s state capitol has to offer. This blog is going to cover the best things to do in Sacramento and best places to eat (prior to global pandemic).

What to Do:

Concert at Toyota Amphitheater (left). Concert at Golden 1 Center (right).
  • Golden 1 Center: Home to the Sacramento Kings NBA team. The Golden 1 Center is new so it is in tip-top shape and a really fun place to visit. Since it’s opened, I have been to several King’s Games and concerts here. If you’re ever in Sacramento, I highly recommend going here for a live event!
  • Toyota Amphitheater: During the summertime, this is where you want to hit up all of those summer concerts (especially country). It is a 30 minute drive from Sacramento to a town called Wheatland. If you’re anything like me and enjoy outdoor concerts, this should be on your Sacramento bucket list!
  • River Float: Oh this is one of my favorite things to do during the summer time! Grab a group of friends, get some sturdy rafts, and have some fun. The American River is where I recommend doing this and be safe. After all this is a river and it’s currents can be unpredictable sometimes. I recommend bringing lifejackets just in case.
  • Sac Brew-Bike: Even though I personally haven’t done this, I know of many people who had and they had a blast! If you’re over the age of 21, you can rent a Brew-Bike to drink and ride around the city of Sacramento.
  • Sutter Health Park: This is the home of the Sacramento Rivercats baseball team. It’s ironic because I actually do not like baseball at all, but I have been to a lot of Rivercats game. I just think the atmosphere is fun to be in!
  • Drive-ins: I love a good drive-in movie. I would pick this over going to a regular movie theater any day. For one, it’s cheaper. Also, you can bring take-out food from your favorite restaurants or snacks (cheaper then what you’d buy at the theater). It’s nice to have privacy from other’s because you’re in your own car, and not have to worry about getting “shhhhhhhh” when you’re hanging out. This is fun to do with my friends for a solid girls night, and definitely makes for a good date night so you can cuddle.
  • K1 Speed: I love go-carting. Probably one of my favorite activities to do. I have a boyfriend so this makes for a great date night. Prior to my boyfriend, I always use to say that this would be my ideal first date. It’s fun and lighthearted.
  • California State Fair: If you’re into rides, games, petting zoos, junk food, etc. the State Fair is the place to go! This is located at CalExpo where many other events take place.
  • Old Sacramento: As you can tell by the first picture on this blog and my New Orleans blog, I love the architecture and looks of old buildings. I love going to Old Sacramento as a little day activity. There’s plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy!
  • Bars/Clubs: Before I get into bars specifically, there is an event called “Second Saturday” that is held the second Saturday of every month during the summer where there is a block party in the center of all the bars in Sacramento! If you are over the age of 21, there are several bars and clubs to go to. I have a couple pictures down below showing off the scenery at LowBrau Bar (during Covid-19 everything is outdoors and in the streets). One of my favorite bars here is Republic because it has games like pool, jenga, ping pong, and more to enjoy while you’re there. If you’re into country music, Goldfields is a good time, or you could go line dancing at Stoney’s. Honestly, I could keep going on and on about bars in Sacramento because there a many different one, so those were just a few! Social Nightclub, MIX Downtown, District 30, Faces Nightclub, and Mango’s Sacramento are popular clubs.
  • Topgolf: This has become a new trend and fun thing to do! I hate golf and I’m terrible at it, but I actually really like going here. It’s fun to do with friends or family! They serve great food and drinks if you just wanna sit and hang out too.
  • Raging Waters: I have personally never been here, but on CalExpo grounds, you can enjoy a water park during the summer!
  • Sleep Train Arena: Before the Golden 1 Center, this was the main hub for concerts and the Kings NBA team. However, they do still hold live events! So check it out.
  • Crest Theatre: This is a famous and classic movie theatre in Sacramento. It opened in 1912, but still presents films and live shows!
  • The B Street Theatre: This is a place to witness live shows, performances, and learn something from. It’s a fancy place, which isn’t typically my speed, but many people love it! So if you’re into that, you should check it out.
  • Museums: I am not an avid museum goer. I’m very selective to what museums I actually do go to, but for those avid museum goers, there are many in Sacramento to visit!
  • Sacramento Zoo: I know this one is controversial, but for those of you who do enjoy the zoo or have kids who love them, Sacramento does have a zoo for you!
  • Shop: There are several places all over Sacramento to shop, but somewhere new and cool is the Downtown Commons. It’s located right outside of the Golden 1 Center!
  • Dine: See below for restaurants recommendations!
Golden 1 Center, Kings Game (left). Sutter Health Park, Rivercats Game (right).

As you now know, there are many fun things to do in Sacramento, California! Truthfully, as I was writing this I found myself kind of taken back because I don’t give this city enough credit. Since I grew up around here, I guess I lost sight of appreciating everything this city has to offer. There are clearly things to do for people of all ages and interests.

Where to Eat:

LowBrau Bar outdoor scenery during Covid-19. (exactly where I met my boyfriend actually)
  • Cafeteria 15L: This restaurant is one of those places that has almost everything to offer. The food is great and they have a bar as well. After hours, they turn this restaurant into a club. It’s safe to say, you can’t go wrong with this place!
  • Zocalo Restaurant Midtown: This is a bougie Mexican restaurant but I love it! The food here is amazing. I recommend the enchiladas, and the atmosphere is beautiful!
  • Iron Horse Tavern: Another restaurant that you just can’t go wrong with! Iron Horse is a great place for brunch or any meal for that matter!
  • Paesanos Midtown: If you’ve read my blog at all, you would know that Italian food is my absolute favorite! So if you’re looking for a good Italian restaurant in Sacramento, I highly recommend giving this spot a try.
  • Mimosa House: I had no idea there was a Mimosa House in Sacramento. This is a breakfast/brunch place that is popular in the town I grew up in (there’s 2), so to see that there is one in Sacramento got me excited. The food is delicious. Go here.
  • Mas Tacos: If you’re looking for a good happy hour or delicious tacos, I 10/10 recommend this restaurant. The atmosphere is fun and cute, while the food is just so darn good. The tacos are the main attraction so they are obviously delicious, but their breakfast burrito, bowls, and churros are great choices too.
  • Burgers and Brew: I am not a burger or beer person, but they do offer other things (so keep that in mind if you’re anything like me). Their chicken sandwiches and grilled cheese are oh-so yummy!
  • Il Fornaio: Another great Italian restaurant to try. You really can’t go wrong with the food choices in Sacramento!
  • Chando’s Tacos: This restaurant is near and dear to my heart because it was my boyfriend and I’s first date, and also the place where he asked me to be his girlfriend. But aside from all of my personal mushiness, the food is great! This is clearly a Mexican Restaurant, so again, I recommend enchiladas (I love enchiladas).
  • Firehouse: Another restaurant that has a beautiful atmosphere. They serve classic American food and it’s so dang good!
  • Bacon & Butter: If the name wasn’t already obvious, this is clearly a breakfast/brunch restaurant. The food is great, the atmosphere is great, it’s just all great!
Drive-Ins movies, West Wind Sacramento (left). Topgolf, Sacramento-Roseville (right).

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