How to Travel (Safely) During Covid-19


What a time to be alive right? Never in my life did I think that I would experience a global pandemic like this. Just like many other people, I assumed the coronavirus was going to come and go-similar to other viruses in the past, but at the rate we’re going… the coronavirus doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere right now.

I know when some people see this post they might be triggered and alarmed thinking “you shouldn’t be traveling at all during this time!” But okay Karen’s, IF you are going to be traveling during this time, there are safe ways to do it and that’s what I’m here to write about.

During an episode of my podcast Everyday is for the Girls, “Quarantine Blues”, my co-host and I discuss the struggles that we’ve faced during lockdown, and something that I’ve struggled with is the lack of “living” I’ve been doing. Honestly, I am somebody who has to travel to be happy. “Existing” isn’t enough for me. I understand it is so important during this time to be safe and mindful of others because we do have a virus that has unfortunately killed many people. But with all of this being said, after MONTHS of being in the blues, literally locked in my house for 5 months (with not even working)… I started (safely) traveling for my own sanity. Yes, it has helped me feel better. I’ve done a couple road trips, went camping, and traveled by airplane once during this pandemic for my nephew’s birthday in Tennessee. Since I have traveled during this time, I know how to do it safe and sanitary. There are many people who still HAVE to travel for work or travel to visit family members, so even if you aren’t traveling for leisure purposes right now, hopefully this blog gives you ideas on how to travel safely during this time.

Something that I cannot stress enough is BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS! Whether you’re traveling or not, it’s important to do this regardless. Drink Emergen-C or Airborne, that is something I packed with me while traveling and I drank it before, during and after all of my trips. Your health should be a higher priority now more than ever, if it wasn’t already before (especially if you’re going to be traveling). Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, get outside and take a walk, drink alcohol in moderation, get some rest, shower, wash your belongings, and stop smoking people!! We all know it’s bad. If you didn’t understand why you should quit smoking before, maybe a global pandemic will inspire you to quit now (a girl can dream). These are things you should be doing during this time not only for yourself, but for the people around you. If you want to travel for a weekend getaway from the utter tragedy and chaos of our current world or if you HAVE to travel during this time, it is essential to take of your health before, during, and after your trips ALWAYS. Shocker, wash your hands! I cannot believe it has taken this devastation for people to realize how nasty it is to not wash your hands, but here we are.

Here are some things I suggest to pack while you’re traveling right now:

  • Masks (can’t travel without one)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Germ-killing Wipes (Purell)
  • Emergen-C and/or Airborne (Immune system boosters)
  • Theraflu (I swear by the powder form of Theraflu, if you feel any sort of symptom, drink it with hot water and you will feel better. Thank me later.)
  • Medicine, Natural or Store-Bought (prepare for anything, but MODERATION **DO NOT TAKE MULTIPLE MEDICATIONS AT ONCE, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON YOUR MEDICINE** it is just important to pack something if you do begin to feel any symptoms. I personally just recommend Emergen-C and Theraflu. I’m not a doctor, but those help me personally.)

Before there was ever a global pandemic, I always tried to avoid airplane and airport bathrooms because they grossed me out, people are gross. Think about how many people are in and out of airports and airplanes. However, I understand if you gotta go, you gotta go. Just make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and even use hand sanitizer after you do. Try to avoid touching as many public surfaces as possible. At one of the airports I landed at, I had to take a tram, so I hooked my arm around the pole, just to avoid using my hands. During one of my layovers, we had to stay on the airplane so I got to personally see the cleaning crew come on to clean the whole airplane. Airports and airplanes are probably the cleanest they’ve ever been. However, just because they may be cleaner, doesn’t mean your fellow travelers are, that’s why we used wipes too. We used the wipes to wipe down our chairs, trays, arm rests, and tables in the airports when we ate. Another tip that I have always tried to do (before the coronavirus existed) is wear something with a hood or a hat in airplanes and even in movie theaters. You do not know who’s head is leaning against the same headrest as you and how clean they are. Lastly, social distance the best way that you can. Stay away from other people, keep your distance. The airline that I flew on requires there to be a middle seat open in every row, however, the airplanes are still very packed so just make sure you’re being clean, safe, and sanitary for yourself and everyone else around you. Hopefully these tips were helpful during this time!

Thanks for reading!

  • Catalina
My boyfriend with a mask, hand sanitizer, and Purell wipes that we used to wipe down our seats and trays.

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