Why a Travel Blog?

Welcome to Turismo de Catalina! The idea of this travel blog has been brewing since January, but now I’ve finally prioritized it so here it is. I am a full time college student with a day job, a clothing company called Imminent Threat Inc. with my family, a podcast called Everyday is for the Girls with my best friend, COVID-19 hit, I got a puppy blah blah blah.. life got crazy and it isn’t slowing down, so it’s time to stop making excuses and make this travel blog happen.

Little Background: I currently go to Arizona State University (all online of course) and am a Tourism Management major. Prior to attending ASU, I studied at Orange Coast College majoring in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism. I am nearly to the end of my educational career, but of course now I’m choosing to officially start this blog when I’m busier than ever. I had plans for a Summer 2020 Internship in addition to getting a high-end hotel job in the Fall to build my resume within the Travel and Tourism Industry prior to graduating from college… but of course COVID-19 broke out and the Tourism Industry is taking a big hit, therefore, I could not pursue any of these endeavors. This is partially why starting my travel blog is so important right now-so that I can have “work” within the Travel and Tourism Industry during this global pandemic.

I am Chilean and Portuguese, so I come from a diverse family background and have been fascinated with different cultures, languages, travel, and people since I was a little girl. Something that I take huge pride in-is my cultural background and embracing my ethnicity, which has led me to be fascinated in learning about other people and their cultures. During my freshman year of college, I took a career course, which is where I discovered that I could major in the Travel and Tourism Industry. This class consisted of many studies and tests being taken on ourselves based off our interests, skills, and personalities. In result, every test and evaluation I had done on myself led me to the this career field. The 9-5 office job, is not for me. So the Tourism Industry is not only fulfilling my personal needs, but career needs as well-with highlighting my skills.

My ultimate goal or “dream” within the Travel and Tourism Industry is to be a Travel Writer and own my own Boutique Hotel(s) one day. I want to be my own boss while using what I’ve learned during college within this industry into making it better for the traveler, the employee, and the environment!

I’ve gained a lot of personal knowledge for being (decently) well-traveled for my age and have a lot of places to discuss, recommend, and give my opinions on (I don’t hold back). During college, I’ve learned so much more about the Travel and Tourism Industry, specifically: ecotourism and sustainable tourism that I will incorporate into Turismo de Catalina! If you’re looking for a proper Travel Blogger with perfect grammar and flawlessness… I am not your girl! This blog is for the traveler or reader, who wants to be educated as well as receive honest feedback and stories based off of my traveling experiences and education. I’m here to keep it real and hope I can educate you on the Travel and Tourism Industry, while also keep it fun and lighthearted, and getting you excited for your visits to the places I write about.

Thanks for reading and welcome to Turismo de Catalina!

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