Meet Catalina!

Hello! I’m Catalina, thanks for reading Turismo de Catalina!

If you read my post “Why a Travel Blog?“, you would already know that I am a Tourism Management major at Arizona State University and previously studied Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism at Orange Coast College. Also, I am Chilean and Portuguese, but born and (mostly) raised in California. No, I’m not trilingual (but I’m working on it). However, I have lived in three states and moved around 11 times throughout my life and plan on moving even more.

If you know me, deep down, I have a bit of a wild spirit and zest for life. I believe that moving around a lot, while also being a Sagittarius contributes to that part of me, AKA my “gypsy soul” as my Aunt calls it. I want to look back at my life and think “what an incredible life I’ve lived!” I’m not here just to pay my bills and get-by in life. I want to live and have fun! For me, that means travel, events, and new experiences.

But with that being said, I’m nearly 23 years old, and feel like I have yet to really live my life to fullest. Don’t get me wrong, I have traveled to many incredible places and have had some amazing experiences up to this point (which I plan on sharing in this blog), but I feel like I haven’t even touched the surface. So once I get that Bachelor’s Degree, I am finally going to be free and plan to take Turismo de Catalina along that journey with me!

Career-wise I want to be my own boss and have like 20 different careers to be honest. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a very creative mind and have always seen myself doing many different things in my career, which I still plan to do. Travel-wise I want to be a Travel Writer, which essentially is someone who gets paid to travel and write about it. Pretty self-explanatory. I also want to be a Boutique Hotel Owner which is a small hotel that has around 10 to 100 rooms, that is designed to a theme or fits the area it’s located in (hopefully international). I have so many ideas for my career within the Travel Industry, but also so many other ideas in different career fields as well. Being my own boss to me has always been my ultimate goal. That way I can create my schedule, dictate my “time-off”, but also someday have a family and be a very present mama to my future children. Just as much as I dream about living my life to the fullest, traveling and being successful career-wise, I dream about being a mom someday and being there for kids. Yes, I want to have it all and I’m going to.

Well, that’s me! Thanks for reading! – Catalina

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